2023: Winners Chapel pastor charges Christians to Vote in favour of the church & not party [Video]


As the 2023 election draws closer the Assistant Pastor of Winners Chapel world wide Bishop David Abeoye has charged Christians across Nigeria to keep thier concience alive and vote only in the favor of the church and not on the bases of thier party affiliations.
He warned that believers who betrays thier faith to vote in favor of thier party and against thier faith is bound to go to hell fire.
“Don’t open your eyes and vote for people who will kill you.
“Vote in favour of the church.
“If you kill your concience you will answer before the lord”, He warned.
The clergy advised members that rather than sell thier concience and induced with cash they should be resolute never to sell their votes and betray their faith as dire consequences awaits such.
Religion is a strong sentiment in Nigeria.
The Bishop who narrated how In recent times Christians have come under serious attacks by some religious extreemists leading to the abductions and killings of clergymen and Christian worshipers unabated and worried why people should still vote for the same people to continue in power.


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