Business/Company/NGO Registration with CAC~ Apply Here

Registering your business is a major consideration and requirement for starting and growing a successful Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) or a Company.

It is illegal to operate any business, company or NGO unregistered. On registering your business with the approved Government Agency- the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) your business becomes a legal entity that can sue and be sued; you are granted the legal authority and legitimacy to operate your business in any location across Nigeria.

🌈Why You Need to Register Your Business
Every registered business feels some sense of responsibility and commitment to their customers and the society in general. Apart from this feeling of commitment It is an offence to carry on business under a name or style which has not been duely registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Section 814(1) of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 (as amended) provides that: “Every individual, firm or Corporation having a place of business in Nigeria and carrying on business under a business name shall be registered….”
Business registeration is mandatory and compulsory under Nigeria’s corporate law. Registration of business gives you protection under the law. For example, if you register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission, then it will protect your business and you also. With Certificate of Incorporation from CAC your business name/ company can be awarded a contract for supply, procurement etc.
Business Registration is a prerequisite and requirement for obtaining loan from banks and other financial institutions.
Business Registration is important for obtaining benefits from the government schemes; you may have to face problems in the case of failure of registration.
Business registration is important for creating a brand name because nowadays it is very important for any business to obtain a brand name, so business registration is important for creating a brand name. A brand name is valuable assets of any business so before getting a brand name you have to register your business.
If you wish to open a corporate account then you have to register your business, without registration, it will be difficult for you to open a corporate bank account for your business.
Registered businesses helps build public trust on the business than unregistered businesses. Registration helps you create valid invoices; this will help you to increase your sales because a customer will trust you more if your business is registered under the laws.
Business registration is also important for finding investors, after registration of business investors will easily trust you.
Business registration will increase your credibility in the market and customers will trust you more because they know that the company or business name is registered and this will allay the fears of prospective customers of any fraud.
CAC Certificate
Do you have passion for humanity? You have a pet project or cause you are passionate about and you wish to promote like a charity organization, girl child advocacy, Human Rights Advocacy, Civil Society Advocacy, better health Advocacy, Youth Advocacy, etc? Then the first step is to Register an NGO
🌈Requirements for Registering an Enterprise or Company

The following are the basic requirements to incorporate a business or a company with the Corporate Affairs Commission

•Approved Name of the Business
•General Nature of the Business
•Contact details, email and phone number of proprietor(s)
•Adress of the Business                     •Names, Address, occupation of the Proprietor(s)                                            •Amount of Share Capital (for companies only, not for enterprise registeration)   •Signature of proprietor(s) or Directors •Passport photographs of proprietors •Registeration Sum

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🌈 Duration for Registration

Register Your Business Name (Enterprise) and get your Certificate of Incorporation from CAC within Two weeks
Register Your Company (LTD) and get the Certificate of Incorporation within One Month
Register Your Clubs, NGOs, Churches, Association, Groups,  etc and get Certificate of Incorporation within three months.
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