CAN lists out qualities and qaulificications Christians in Nigeria must vote for in 2023 Elections [Video]

Nigeria’s apex Christian forum the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has set out in clear terms the right qaulifications required of the next Nigeria’s President come 2023.
The CAN through it’s Political & Strategy Committee in a memo shared across the media reeled out core competencies and qaulifications that the would-be Nigeria”s President in 2023 must have.
CAN 2023 election qaulifications
The CAN’s expected qaulifications grouped in four core areas includes: Character, Competence, Capacity & Policy.
Amongst the qaulifications is that the candidate must have the fear of God, respect for the rule of law, respect for religious diversity and no fanatism or having relationship with Boko Haram or other violent religious groups.
Other qaulifications are qaulity performance in previous positions occupied, good education sufficient to manage a complex society and effective management of human and natural resources.
For his capacities the would-be Nigeria President in 2023 should have the ability to envision transformation, ability to communicate the vision to diverse people in Nigeria, he must have good health, sound mind and physical fitness for the job.
And finally the policies proposed by CAN for the would-be Nigeria’s President in 2023 are:
-State Police
-Religeous neutrality of the Nigeria state
-Enforcement of fundamental rights of Nigerians
-Restructuring to decentralize governance 
-Equitable and enforceable sharing of executive offices
-Self determination for all Nigerians
-Equal ethnic and religious representations in the military and security agencies
-No to Ruga and yes to ranching
-Education and free healthcare to all Nigerians (including almajiris)
-Local controls of local economies including waters, Rivers and forests.
Recall that the vice president of the Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) Bishop David Abioye had in a recent service charged Christians and those of the Christian faith to vote only in favor of the church and not party.
With these development if all directives and instructions are carried out to the later it is now clear the directions Nigerians especially those from the christian community would cast thier votes.


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