Ekpeleni Ekpeye Congratulates New Uzugbani Ekpeye EXCOS

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29th June, 2022.



~Reminds Them of High Expectations of Ekpeye People

The Ekpeye’s foremost Socio-economic and Political advocacy group EKPELENI EKPEYE has congratulated the newly elected President and National Executive council members of Uzugbani Ekpeye, being the apex socio-cultural organization in Ekpeye land, in Rivers State.

The group further commended the Prof. Appah and now Arc. Obuzor led Executive council of Uzugbani Ekpeye for their patriotism to serve the Ekpeye people during the period of thier administration, and for successfully producing thier successors during the just concluded election.

In his remark the President of EKPELENI EKPEYE Elder Jonathan Robinson Ewoh congratulated and hailed the newly elected Dr. Ukechukwu Nyemenim led Uzugbani Ekpeye Executive council members for emerging victorious at the polls thus reminds them of the high expectations of Ekpeye people from thier administration.

The statement in part said: “Congratulations, our President and your Executive! Really, the expectations of the Ekpeye Ethnic Nationality from you are high, given the present circumstances of the Ekpeye nation.

The EKPELENI EKPEYE President who acknowledges the challenges inherent in every new administration said they could be surmounted with strong purpose and team sprit.

“The task ahead of you is daunting and very challenging, but they are surely surmountable”, He said.

The expectations of the teaming Ekpeye people home and abroad are enormous.
They are ranging from enabling peaceful Ekpeye where business and commerce activities thrive, job creation for teaming Ekpeye Youths, education and empowerment opportunities for her citizenry, security of life and property of Ekpeye people, peaceful coexistence of Ekpeye people at home and a unified Ekpeye traditional council.

The group who frowned at the shift of the inauguration of the new Executives council from the earlier scheduled date of 2nd July to 18th August 2022 called for prudent management of available funds to enable the incoming Executives access funds to hit the ground running immediately they are sworn-in.

EKPELENI EKPEYE further calls on the new Uzugbani Ekpeye executive council to restructure the secretariat with the view to strengthening the various Uzugbani Ekpeye zones (Igbus).

Uzugbani Ekpeye being the apex socio-cultural organization and Ekpeye people’s general assembly It is the ernest desire and expectation of EKPELENI EKPEYE to see a robust partnership between the new Uzugbani Ekpeye Executive council, the Ekpeye political executives, the
Eze Ekpeye logbo-in-Council and all her developmental partners geared towards having a more peaceful, united and progressive Ekpeye nation for all going forward.

As partners in the Ekpeye project, the Ekpeye’s watchdog EKPELENI EKPEYE is committed to the programs, policies and aspirations of this administration as the expectations of Ekpeye people are high and cannot be cut short.

Change beacons!

Gideon Chims Ele
Director Media & Strategic Communication, Ekpeleni Ekpeye

Elder Jonathan Robinson Ewoh
29th June, 2022

Dr. Ukechukwu Nyemenim

Uzugbani Ekpeye EXCOS

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