Flood: Usama Ekpeye U.S.A Launches Flood Donation Drive

After the devastating flood of 2022, the Ekpeye communities in Ahoada East and Ahoada West LGAs in Rivers State Nigeria have faced significant upheaval, with numerous families being displaced, some died and homes destroyed.

In Ekpeye, the situation remains dire, as many families continue to endure the hardship of not having a place to call home. Additionally, the destruction of farmlands by the flood has further exacerbated the issue, leading to a lack of sufficient food and drug supply for many residents. As a result, the affected communities are still sparsely populated, as families grapple with the challenges of returning to their normal lives.

While the lives of so many Ekpeye residents will never be the same again, The Usama Ekpeye USA Inc. a Registered nonprofit Ekpeye Social-Cultural organization in the United States of America has refused to give up on the situation but is determined to restore hope and contribute their quota as usual to rebuilding Ekpeye. Recall, the USAMA EKPEYE USA group during the 2022 flood disaster sent in relief items to the Ekpeye Flood Committee to cushion the hardship occasioned by the disaster. Going by predictions of NIMET (Nigerian Meteorological Agency), NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency), and other federal government agencies of a possible reoccurrence of the flood in 2023 the USAMA EKPEYE USA as a pro-active measure is soliciting funds to support this humanitarian cause to make life meaningful to Ekpeye people at home in the event of another flood outbreak in 2023.

The goal of the fund-raiser is to raise $250,000 for this cause. Civil society organizations, Government Agencies, Groups, and good-spirited Ekpeye and non Ekpeye Individuals home and abroad are hereby invited to support this cause. We at Naija TV have keyed in by providing advocacy, media, and publicity for the fundraiser.

How to Donate to The Usama Ekpeye USA 2023 Flood Fund?

If you have a passion for saving lives and changing the negative status quo then you can donate from any part of the world to this noble humanitarian cause. To donate click HERE to visit the fundraiser page. Decide to donate with your credit or your Paypal account. Click on Donate on the fundraiser page to donate through your PayPal or credit card. Note, Your payment details are very secure on the fundraiser page


Usama Ekpeye USA Inc., is a United States registered 501(c) non-profit, non-political, non-partisan organization, founded in 2000 as an umbrella organization for all Ekpeye indigenes residing in the United States in particular, and the Diaspora. The priorities of Usama Ekpeye USA, Inc. are to: (1) mobilize and build stronger communities of Ekpeye people in the Diaspora; (2) foster strategic engagement with the brothers and sisters at home in rebuilding our Ekpeye community; and (3) create a forum for addressing challenges of our people at home with the strength in Ekpeye People in the Diaspora.


Usama Ekpeye USA Inc.

310 S. Grove Blvd Suite 1901 Kingsland,
GA 31548

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