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Bill Gates

Welcome and thank you for your intrest in NaijaTvNet advert program!

In a world of stiff competition, Online Advertisement and Marketting could be a distinguishing growth strategy for your business from others.

Online Marketing/Advdertisement is a great asset to every business especially in this era of global pandemic, self-isolation and social distancing

The Internet Guru and founder of Microsoft said; “if your business is not on the Internet then your Business will be out of Business”. The statement above was not a threat but an assurance from the guru himself, which is already playing out in the Corona pandemic era as offline businesses are being forced to shutdown. It is a reality we must accept.

Lets help you move your business and target it to potential clients on the internet global market space for global exposure, to generate leads, increase sales and achieve high Returns on Investment  (RoI)

You can leverage on NaijaTv.Net massive daily trafic and get global publicity and visibility for your brand, business, products and services 24/7

At NaijaTv.Net we currently offer 3 effective basic ads campaign for all types of businesses and services across Nigeria and Africa

Post Ads: post adverts with contents and graphics design, business websites and contact details are published as a post on our website and our muti-media Social platforms.

Banner Ads: Businesses services and company websites are presented on graphic banners to be displayed on our website and multi social media plaforms. When visitors on our website click on the banner, they are redirected to your business website or your social media pages. See examples of Ads banners you can place on our website below

See other ads banners sizes you can place on our website below

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Business Branding & Social Media Marketting

According to World Internet Stats, the internet is the largest market and congregation of people around the world with an estimated population of over 4.5 billion internet users in 2019, with Asia toping the users, followed by Europe and then Africa.

This population is a huge potental for every business to leverage on and generate leads.

In this package we help SMEs with company/business registration, branding, logo designs, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube) page setups, content development, continous page updates and Page Management

The world is moving at a speed of light from offline markets to the online global market place. Dont be left behind, Join the transition!

🏆🏆🏆For advert placements on NaijaTv.Net send us an email with the subject; “NaijaTv.Net Ads” to or Call/WhatsApp 07063249904, 08188573805

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