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Before now it was hectic for users to activate thier newly installed prepaid meters. Infact it was a must that after the installation you must visit the nearest Phed office to activate your meter before you can start recharging on your own through other utility bill payment agents and POS centers. But with the new development just anyone can do all that seamlessly without stepping out from your house. That is you can activate your newly installed prepaid meter and also buy power airtime right away.

In this blog Naijatvnet takes you on a step by step guide how just anyone can achieve this seamlessly within few minutes.
There are key items you must have to effect the prepaid meter activation. There are:
1. Your account or Meter Number
2. You Master or Visa card details
3. Your valid email address
4. Your phone number to recieve OTP code
If all these are available then you can activate your prepaid meter at home by yourself without visiting any Phed office.
1. Visit the PHED bill payment portal:
2. Select “Prepaid” and enter your account/meter number
3. Enter your valid GSM number in the normal format 0803xxxxx
4. Enter your valid email address
5. Enter the amount for the power unit you want to buy. N1,000 gives you 16 units and N2,000 gives you 32 units.
6. Hit the button “Click here to pay bill”.
If all the steps outlined above are followed and entered correctly, once you hit the “Click here to pay bill” button you are directed to the payment portal which is Xpress Payments.
7. At this stage you are meant to enter your Visa or Mastercard ATM card details- card number, card validity period date, secret Pin, etc. and an OTP code would be sent to your phone number instantly to finish the process.
8. Once the payment is successful, an electronic PHED receipt would be displayed on the PHED website with the address of your home/office, meter number, power units paid for and a 20 digits token number. You can screenshot this page. This reciept will be sent to your email provided
9. With this receipt and the 20 digits token code sent to your email quickly go over to your meter and enter the 20 digits token and hit the enter arrow button. That’s it. You are done. You are should get power now.
If you went through the processes above then you have successfully activated your new prepaid meter online seamlessly, without stepping a foot off your house.
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