How To Add a YouTube End Screen [Video]

The journey to YouTube monetization is one that every YouTuber or social entreprenuer who is curious about earning legitimate income as a side hussle must take seriously.
Gone are the days people belong to social networks for fun. While you Socialize think of how you can leverage on your social networks to begin earning good income on monthly bases and in foreign currency.
In the journey to YouTube monetization certain tools and resources are a crucial in hitting the 1,000 YouTube subscribers and 4,000 watch hours benchmark and one of those tools is YouTube End Screen.


YouTube End Screen in simple terms is recommending views to a related video or content they just finished watching on your channel. Each time you finish watching a YouTube video and at the end you see a video pop up which is likely related to the one you just watched then that is an End Screen.


1. To Add a YouTube End Screen you have to first upload a video or you use an existing video already uploaded in your YouTube channel
2. On your channel go to “Manage Videos”, this will automatically launch the YouTube Studio interface
3. Select/open the video you want add an End Screen,
4. Scroll down the page and click on “End Screen”.
5. On the top left side of the screen click on “Element”, click video (to add a video element).
6. On the down part of the page tick the box with the option “Choose Specific Video” and select the video you wish to use as end screen.
7. Now you can see the video selected added as an element in the video preview window on the right side of your screen
8. Now click on Save and go back to your channel to play the video and see how the end screen video pops up at the end of the video.
Do this on all your videos to increase viewership, engagement and possibly increase subscribers.
NOTE: an End screen is better added with a computer and not with a mobile phone

•Click HERE to watch a practical video on how to add an end screen to all your videos in your YouTube Channel.

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