How to Create and Upload YouTube Intro Videos [Video]

The journey to attaining YouTube monetization requires some level of creativity and new strategies to increase viewership and subscription.

The YouTube monetization requirement of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewers per hour can be daunting task that takes time but with the help of some strategies like the YouTube intro videos and a mix of other strategies the journey could be simplified.
A YouTube intro video installed on your YouTube channel is a short clip premiering video that automatically plays on your channel when visitors land your channel the first time.
The YouTube intro videos in simple terms introduces your brand name and identity to your channel visitors who may not know what your channel stands for actually.


1. Visit website or download Canva app on your phone. The Canva app is the best digital program for graphics and video projects
2. On the Canva search bar search for “Intro Video” templates.
3. Select an intro template video that suites you, edit it and customize it with your brand identity and save it for upload.

How To Upload Your Intro Video on your YouTube Channel

Once the video is created and saved on your device, next step would be to setup or install the video on your channel.
1. First of all upload the video like a normal video on your channel
2. With your PC (not phone) On your channel go over to “Customize Channel”
3. Locate “Layout” and select “Add” the already uploaded intro video
4. Then publish your intro video and go to your channel page to confirm your now setup intro video

For a practical video on how to create a YouTube intro video visit our channel. Click HERE

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