How to Make Money from Home With Your Smart Phone; Earn N100k or more monthly on Owodaily

Are you a student, teacher, a home dad/mum, unemployed an entrepreneur or a worker looking out for genuine ways of making extra income while you stay on your current job? If your answer is in affirmative then this is the best letter you have come across… Read to the end.

Also, If you have ever dreamt of making genuine money online (Not yahoo yahoo) in Nigeria but find it difficult due to lack of a reliable information or one reason or the other, read on, as this article teaches you how to make money on Owodaily and you dont even need a laptop or any skillset to start earning legit cash on this platform and you can start earning from today!

In a troubling economy as ours with the ravaging inflation and increasing high cost of leaving on a daily rise having an alternative source of income to cushion the negative impact of inflation would be your best line of thought.

In this article i am going to reveal how you can make legit money on owodaily platform and it’s very very easy just for anyone who can simply read, and follow simple instructions and operate a smart phone.

Before I go ahead and do that, let me show you earnings withdrawn so far from the platform.

owodaily earnings

So you see above some of my owodaily earnings withdrawal straight to my bank account here in Nigeria and I’m going to show you how you can start making money on the platform too as soon as possible.

This is 100% legit and paying, no hype or big talks. Just complete certain simple tasks/jobs and you get paid. simple.

What is Owodaily?

“Owo” meaning “money” in the Yoruba language coined as ‘owodaily’ meaning Daily Money.

Owodaily is an online platform where online business owners, advertisers and marketers give jobs to freelancers (whose only required skill is the ability to read and follow simple instructions) to perform certain simple tasks and get paid.

Owodaily in its simplest term is a platform that connects JOBS and WORKERS. These jobs are simple tasks you post on the platform for workers to perform the tasks and they are get paid daily.

With the Owodaily platform serving as the escrow, jobs posted by online marketers and business owners are completed by freelancers or online workers like you.

OwoDaily is a network of the best digital-workers & micro-influencers ready to complete any online tasks that you may have. Affiliates or workers can assist you sell your products and services deals new customers/audiences allowing young entrepreneurs and businesses to grow online with guaranteed results using highly targeted performance marketing tools and support you can trust.

Jobs/Tasks Carried Out on the Owodaily Platform

Unlike many other freelancing platforms, Owodaily has loads of different tasks posted daily by influencers and business owners that are simple and can be completed within a short period of time.

The tasks you carry out on Owodaily include:

  • Subscribing to a Youtube channel
  • Following an Instagram account
  • Liking a Facebook page
  • Retweeting a Twitter post
  • Liking a photo on Facebook
  • Signing up for something
  • Commenting on an instagram post
  • following a twitter handle
  • & many other interesting tasks

For each job/task you complete you get paid between N10 to N3000, depending on the task and payment fixed by the job poster or employer.

And once your job is done and approved by the job owner or the employer (which usually doesn’t take hours) you get paid instantly.

Note: Just as anybody can post jobs or become an employer so also anyone can become a worker in this platform and earn income daily.

Here is a screenshot of how the different tasks look like and the pay attached to them.

owodaiy sample jobs/tasks

It is called CPA (Cost Per Action), meaning each action/task you are expected to carry out has a cost borne by the job poster/employer. These tasks/jobs listed above dosent take you more than five or ten minutes to perform. Once you perfume the tasks as instructed by the employer or job poster and you show proof of evidence, your work approved you get paid. As simple as that!

How to Make Daily Money Working From Home with Owodaily

With the platform you can earn from four different options:


By Completing Simple Tasks

As a freelance or job platform the first option on how to make money on Owodaily is by completing the simple tasks posted by business owners or influencers on the platform.

The more jobs you’re able to complete, the more money you can make. And interestingly, there is no limit to how much money you can make on the platform in a day.

Note that New jobs are posted daily and weekly, So there will always be enough jobs/tasks to complete by affiliates or workers like you and me.

After having done your jobs well and been approved by the job poster or the employer, it is normal to want to know how quickly you can withdraw your earnings and what the minimal withdrawal is.

Minimum Cashout or Withdrawal on Owodaily

Once you’ve successfully completed your tasks, affix your proofs as directed by the job poster and your employers approved them, you get paid instantly.

You can easily withdraw your earnings straight into your bank account, once it reaches the withdrawal threshold of N5,000 (or more, but not less).

Owodaily pays weekly every Friday. So if your earnings are not up to N5,000 this week, hopefully you can cashout next week Friday if you reach the 5k threshold; and you would be able to seamlessly withdraw it into your bank account.

Isn’t this a cool way to make money online easily, especially if you’ve never made money online before and don’t have any digital skill, yet?

Option #2

By Inviting People to the Platform

After you register with the Owodaily platform and activate your account with a one-time fee of N3,000 you are given a unique tracking or referral link for your personal campaign that you can share in your status, whatsapp groups and various social media platforms to invite members to the platform.

When you invite just one person through the Owodaily Invite Program and the person registers through your link (which you will have access to when you become a member), Owowdaily pays you N1,600.

Now, let’s do the maths.

Imagine being able to bring 30 people in a week who successfully registered as active members, you get paid N48,000, if you double this figure in a month you earn N96k (apart from your earnings from the jobs/tasks you perform in the platform). The more task you perform and invites you bring into the platform you increase your daily/weekly earnings. No limit!

Note that apart from the referral earning of N1, 600 from your downline you also earn N200 when your referrals refer new active member. You also earn 3% bonus on your referral first deposit and 3% commission when the workers you refer carry out jobs successfully.

Now you can see that your earnings in the platform are limitless.

What could be limiting you from making legit money online after reading this letter?

Option #3

By Upgrading to Owodaily+

The Owodaily+ is an advanced option of making more money on Owodaily.

On the Owodaily+ package, you make money through affiliate program by selling other people’s digital products and earn a commission. This is called affiliate marketing.

Here, you make money based on the given commission of the digital products. For instance, a 50% commission of a N5,000 product would earn you N2,500.

If you’re able to promote the products well and make, let’s say, 10 people buy the product, that’s N24,000 in sales! Just read on we have strategies we can help you to earn quickly from this program.

That’s awesome, isn’t it?

Besides this, affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products to get a commission), you can also:

  • get jobs from people at a mouthwatering rate and outsource it to workers on the Owodaily platform. It’s a win-win!
  • sell or promote your own products.

Option 4:

Position Yourself as an Influence and Earn More

With this option you can position yourself as an influencer, get people to pay you to promote their business, increase their business social presence, like helping them grow their YouTube channels, increase their instagram and Facebook page/handle followership and earn more. For instance if a business owner have a need to increase their YouTube subscribers, calculate the cost of posting that job on owodaily, charge them plus your profit then take the job and post it as a job/task on owodaily and owodaily workers will perform the task for you and you are paid handsomely by your client.

By exploring all of these four proven options and strategies on how to make money on Owodaily, you would be able to make consistent income for yourself without unnecessary stress and these tasks can be done with your smart phones within 5 or 10 minutes seamlessly.


But if you don’t like to bother yourself too much, you can simply just stick to completing the simple tasks and you would get paid.

And if your focus is to invite people to the platform, you would get paid still, whichever option you’re comfortable with.

Now with this information you don’t need to request for urgent N2k anymore, just register, activate your account with N3,000 and you are good to start earning genuine cash right from the comfort of your home, hostel, office etc. with your smart phone.

How to Register on the Owodaily Platform to Unlock your Earning Potentials


Click on the above link to begin your registration

Fill in your complete information including bank details and other required info.

After that, sign up for either a basic membership for which you will pay N3,000 or the Owodaily+ which requires a signup fee of N10,000. Here, the choice is yours.

If you’re new to making money online, you don’t want stress and you just want to complete simple tasks and make cool money, you can subscribe to the basic package of N3k. But if you desire more, the Owodaily+ might be a great fit for you.

Again, the choice is entirely yours.

So, that’s it!

If you have questions or commentaries drop them in the comment box below, I will respond to them


If you’ve been wondering how people make money online in Nigeria or doubt anyone can ever make money online, this article should have wiped out your doubt. Everything on this post has been tested and proven to work. So if you want to know how to make money on Owodaily, this is the only guide you need!

P.S: If you have questions or commentaries drop them in the comment box below, I will respond to them or Call/Whatsapp me on: 07063249904



Note that owodaily is not a hype or get-rich-quick scheme, but a platform that rewards you for your labour and works/tasks performed. You must work to earn in owodaily, but the good news is that the tasks are very simple as you don’t need any previous job skill or experience to perform.

As with any business – your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any income at all and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. Each individual’s success depends on their background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

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