Invitation to join the Braced Union [BU]

My Fellow Brecedans,

We invite you to join Braced Union.

Braced means:

Akwa Ibom
Cross Rivers

Braced Union

With about 30m inhabitants.

Our focus is:

•First: To bring all inhabitants of Braced Union together to start speaking with One Voice which has not been there before now.

Yes!  We have been unjustly exploited, marginalized, denigrated, subjected to abject poverty and denied benefits of the resources extracted from our mother land.

Besides our Mother Land is destroyed leaving us behind to struggle with oil pollution, diseases and sickness caused by the pollution.

The worst our people have lost interest in the Nigeria’s project.

Yes! We have tried many means to change our ugly narratives, and those means have not yielded us the desired results.

That is why we came up with Braced Union to change our ugly narratives and to achieve this; we at Braced Union sincerely believed that we need ONE VOICE and UNITY this time around.

We sincerely believe that using ONE VOICE as a strategy will certainly help to rescue us from the quagmire we have found us in the Nigerias prison.

•Second: : To design policies and programmes aimed at emancipating, empowerment and liberating the inhabitants of Braced Region from economic, political and mental slavery.

•Third: : We have designed human development programmes to teach inhabitants of Braced region how to access, discover, develop, the gold mine Inherent in man and how to use it to achieve tremendous success in life, uplift Braced region, and glorify God.

So we need your inputs to make this dream come to fruition.


👉Braced Union is fully social

👉Nigeria Risks Peaceful Co-existence if NASS Joint Session Does Not Revert PIB~ HC Wehere

👉Shades: Carport, Danpalon fabrication and installation service

You will agree with us that these are uphill tasks; thus as you join us, we plead that only advice, messages, documentary that will help us achieve these lofty objectives will be allowed in any of our Platforms.

Whilst appealing to you to join the group, we wish to caution that any person whose conducts are not in tandem with the foregoing objectives will have his/her number lulled.

Please help us to build and develop Braced Union.

Looking forward to seeing your contribution.

HC Monday Wehere JP
President, Braced Union.
•Web: www

Use this link to join the group.



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