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Dating and matchmaking

When you hear the words “online matchmaking” or “online dating”, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is the opportunity it gives people to meet potential partners, beyond their immediate reach or environment.

We all need good relationship, spouses and partners at different stages of our life to achieve our goal on earth.
God himself believed in Partnerships the reason why he created Eve for Adam in the garden of Eden. Adam was incomplete without Eve. For Adam to fulfill his earthly mission God saw the need for Eve to come into the picture.
Having established the need for match making, however connecting with the right matches could be a daunting exercise to so many, especially People who are very shy and People with busy schedule. 

🌈 About the Naijatvnet Match Making Program: 
Naijatvnet Matchmaking program is a global platform for linking People from all race, culture and location with thier right matches talored to their specifications during thier signup with us. 
The program is borne out of the need to break the barriers limiting most people from reaching and connecting with their real life matches, partners and spouces. Such barriers could be Socio-cultural barriers, distance, location, finance, or even religeous barriers.

The goal here is to make people happy and fulfilled linking them up with thier right Matches, spouses from any part of the globe. Over time we have had those in the carebean, US and the UK contact us for Nigerian spouses and partners. Some other times Nigerian singles have indicated intrest having a match with people in UAE, Canada, and France. Back here in Nigeria we have had many requests for Igbo and Akwa-Ibom ladies in our data base, this most of our clients say it’s as a result of their hospitality and friendly disposition. This however does not in anyway make other tribes in Ngeria less attractive for relationship.
 When these requests come in all we do is get their criteria from them then match them with people in our database that meet their specifications and expectations.

Naijatvnet Match making

Our duty is limited to the dating (linkage) aspect and not the relationship. The two parties run their relationship themselves, and it has been very rewarding and fulfilling for us at Naijatvnet Matchmaking Program and our local and international clients over the years.

🌈Signup Criteria/Specifications:
•Your Full Name•Your Nationality and state •Nationality of Spouse sort for•Your current location•Current location of spouse sort for•Your Tribe, Culture•Tribe of spouse sort for (if necessary)•Your Religeon •Religeon of spouse sort for (if necessary)•Your job/career/business•Career/job or business of spouse sort for (if necessary)•Your present monthly earning (optional)•Your age•Age of spouse•Sex•Marital status•Your Photograph (crisp clear & full size)•Contact details (mobile phone, email)
▪️Note: As a responsible program we do not have matches for homosexuals and lesbians. We only match males to females and females to males. Our program covers for Single ladies, single men, single mums, single dad’s, divorcees, widows and widowers in Nigeria and globally.

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🌈How to Signup on Naijatvnet Matchmaking Program
To Signup we advise clients to be sincere while providing us with the information stated on the Criteria/specifications list above. Giving the false impression and information to us is at your own detriment as we only match clients based on the information provided to us by you during Signup. Therefore kindly provide us your information as prescribed on the Criteria/specifications list above with your recent full sized photograph to or call/WhatsApp; 07063249904

The Naijatvnet Matchmaking Program is not a relationship counselor or Consultancy, we run a dating agency by linking People to thier desired matches. Our job ends after linking both parties. You are the actor, you run your relationship yourself. Therefore on Signup to our program you accept to be responsible and take up the full opportunities and liabilities of your relationship with your found partner.

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