Nigeria Risks Peaceful Co-existence if NASS Joint Session Does Not Revert PIB – HC Wehere

A socio-cultural group, BRACED Union has lent her voice with that of other critical stakeholders from the Niger Delta region to condemn the 3% ascribed to host Communities in the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) by the National Assembly (NASS).

President of the body, HC Monday Wehere, JP, frowns at the leadership of the senate and federal legislators for taking such verdict without considering the dire consequences of such on the Niger Delta people who suffer the negative environmental and health effects of oil exploration on daily basis.

Chief Wehere also condemned the inclusion of the ‘frontier exploration’ allocated a whooping 30% while host communities which are the goose that lay the golden egg is left with meagre stipends of 3-5%.

“As of this moment, the South South region is the only peaceful region in Nigeria. For NASS to short change us by allocating such paltry some as compensation to oil bearing communities while allowing the Northern regions termed ‘frontier exploration’ in the bill to getter a higher chunk of proceeds from profits of oil revenue, then we cannot accept such a bill to be passed into law.

“As the lawmakers prepare for a joint session to harmonise their position on this vexed issue, we demand that the leadership revert to a higher percentage of between 10-15% and jettison that clause of “frontier exploration’ as BU as the voice of the South South states shall resist every move for that bill to become an Act.

“We shall take to the streets mobilising our members across board until our demands on the PIB are acceded to unconditional. Enough is enough!” The BU helmsman retorted.

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The BU boss, HC Wehere warned that the gravely silence and peace in the South South region at the present moment (compared to other regions bedeviled by terrorism of Boko Haram in the North East; banditry in North West; herdsmen-farmers Clashes in the Middle Belt; IPOB, ESN in the South East; Odua secessionists movement in the South West amongst others) should not be taken as cowardice from the South South people.


Amatare Mozimo,
Director, Media (Electronics), BU.
5th July 2021

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