Plot to blackmail Regent uncovered~ Monday Oyagiri

Palace Of Nye Udu Upata
Information Unit
Udhor Upata – Edeoha Town
Ahoada East LGA
Rivers State, Nigeria

Press Release

Plot To Blackmail Regent Uncovered

The general public is hereby notified of a desperate plot by certain Traditional Rulers and Titled Chiefs in Ekpeye to blackmail HRM Nye Udu Felix Enene Otuwarikpo into abandoning the Ekpeye Regency. The uncovered plot include covert plans to undermine current efforts put together to unite for peace.

Credible sources informed that the plan is to elicit the support of the Media particularly, through sponsored interviews that would dwell on concorted falsehood and air same against the Regent who also reigns as the Nye Udu Upata III of Upata Kingdom.

To add bite to their desperation, the disgruntled group have recruited some habitual criminals who are on Government/Security watch list, to anchor the media interview. The script is for them to allege that HRM Nye Udu Felix Enene Otuwarikpo hired them to assist assassinate some prominent Ekpeye sons. Several petition would thereafter be raised, calling for the arrest and prosecution of the Upata monarch.

Those involved in the wicked plot held a clandestine meeting on June 5, 2021 at the Ahoada (Ehuda) residence of one of the planners. It is our bet that their desperation to create doubts about HRM Nye Udu Felix Enene Otuwarikpo’s commitment to tackle criminality in Ekpeyeland was such that the regent’s traducers have ran out of ideas. Unable to pin anything on him, they came up with several court suits and now resorting to failed scheme to blackmail him.

We are concerned because the strategy of those behind this evil plot is that they will attempt to create mistrust, division and infighting within the Ekpeye Traditional Institution thereby, derail the Regent’s progressive vision. The overall is to get him distracted from focusing on the fight against criminality in all forms.

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Even when the Regent is discerning enough not to be rattled, the sustained mudslinging doesn’t fit the emerging new era of upward growth. Their naivity stamps destructive mark on the psyche of an average Ekpeye person.

But, the truth is, like all other allegations with sinister motives, all that the planners offer was faint lies, unfounded tales that they can never proved.

But knowing the importance of the Office of Regent in the effective running of Ekpeye, true sons and daughters should be worried about the impact that distractions like these allegation will constitute at a time when our people should be exploring multiple options for moving forward.

However, we call on Ekpeyeans not to loss hope, they should ignore the minute population of the very few and disgruntled elements seeking the Regent’s head for doing his job and serving the people with his best.

Comrade Oyagiri Monday
SA on Media/Publicity

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