Become a Licensed POS Distributor to Earn Massive Income and Commissions; Earn N100k or More Monthly and on Part-Time

We Unlocked the Hidden Secret the POS Distributors/Aggregators Never Want you to know About How You too Can Become a Licensed POS  Distributor in Nigeria Raking in Massive CONSISTENT Daily, Weekly & Monthly Income and Commission on Autopilot!

If you have being thinking of how to commence a profitable POS business for yourself or for someone or perhaps you are interested in having an alternative income generating source as a POS distributor/Aggregator in Nigeria, then this is the best copy you need to launch out.

In this blueprint verified information based on my personal experience and practical steps are revealed on how you can commence a profitable POS business as an Agent plus how you can become a licensed POS distributor or aggregator in Nigeria raking in hundreds of thousands consistently every month through sales of POS terminals and from your Agents’ commissions.

As a POS distributor your earnings are limitless as you earn profit from distributing POS machines from different Fintech Companies in Nigeria to Agents who need POS terminals (machines) at discounted prices and you also earn daily, weekly and monthly commissions from your agents (POS users) transactions on autopilot! 

Why Should You Get This POS Distributorship Blueprint Today?

You will agree with me that living on your salary alone is no longer sustainable in the present Nigerian economy.  With the dwindling Nigerian economy, increasing inflation, crashing of the naira it becomes imperative for everyone never to depend on just one source of income but to leverage on valuable information as this to include additional means of income to augment or cushion the negative impact of the inflation and high cost of living we experience in Nigeria today.

Who is this POS Distributorship Blueprint meant for?

Everyone looing for alternative sources of income, the employed, unemployed and job seekers, POS operators, entrepreneurs, students just anyone can take advantage of this valuable opportunity to better their finances and you can work as a POS distributor on part time bases without quitting your job. You work part time and earn full time salary. 

POS Distributorship/Aggregator

What You Will Get from this Blueprint

The POS Distributorhip Report Covers:

  • To becoming a POS Agent in Nigeria to launch a profitable POS business outlet for yourself or someone
  • To becoming an accredited or licensed POS distributor or aggregator in Nigeria raking in hundreds of thousands monthly by distributing POS terminals (machines) of different Fintech companies in Nigeria like Kudi/Nomba, Opay, Moniepoint, etc.
  • How to Earn minimum of N100k or more every month!
  • Top six Fintech Companies in Nigeria you can become their distributor or aggregator and start making hundreds of thousands monthly
  • Required Documentation for onboarding (registration) as a POS Agent and distributor (aggregator) in Nigeria
  • Information about a Fintech Company in Nigeria giving out free POS in Nigeria for your advantage of
  • Key requirements and considerations for a successful POS business in Nigeria
  • How to avoid POS losses and fraud
  • A 100%  Resale Right of this Course and and many more. 

The Prerecorded video of this course explains in clear and simple steps all the information you need to become a licensed POS Agent and Distributor (aggregator) to start earning consistent monthly income and commissions.

NB: This information is kept secret by POS distributors out there but we are revealing the secrets and codes to you so you grab it quickly before we pull down the offer. So the idea is to empower interested Nigerians on having alternative stream of income apart from their current job or business. And you can do this business as a side hustle and on part time bases.

This report is valued at N10, 000 but as an empowerment scheme we have cut down the cost to a very ridiculously discounted offer of just N5,000 only for action takers.

pos aggregator
So Who Am I Offering You This Blueprint and Why Should You listen to Me?

My Name is Gideon Ele. I am a Real Estate Consultant, Web Developer, A Digital Creator and the Founder/CEO of Naijatv.Net

As a Licensed POS Distributor/Aggregator i currently distribute POS terminals (machines) for different FinTech Companies and earn daily, weekly and monthly income and commissions from the sales of POS terminals I get from these fintech companies at a very discounted price and I earn also from my Agents (POS users under me) transactions.

What this means is that, as a distributor or aggregator while i earn sales profit per POS terminal I sell, I also earn CONSISTENT daily, weekly and monthly commissions from every transaction carried out by my agents (People who got POS terminals from me). So weather i go out or not as long as the Agents who got POS terminals from me are using the POS terminals i will keep earning my commissions even while i sleep! This called Autopilot!

Now You see why you should not joke with such a valuable opportunity coming your way? Now you have the oportunity to decide.


The POS distributorship Business Blueprint comes with a full Resale Right, meaning that after ordering it and taking advantage of the valuable information therein you can sell it and keep back 100% of the profit! What better way can we empower you other than this!

Grab this one time opportunity offer by clicking on the orderings buttons on this page or pay directly  by sending payment of N5,000 only to: GTBank, Name: GIDEON ELE & CO. Acc. No: 0153855073

>>Send Proof of Payment via Whatsapp: 07063249904 

PS: This offer will be on for a very limited time and will elapse this week and return back to its normal price of N10,000 after this week. 



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