Press Statement: Rivers State Ministry of Education

The attention of the Honourable Commissioner for Education Professor Kaniye Ebeku and the Ministry of Education has been drawn to a phoney protest at the Port Harcourt Technical and Vocational School (PHTVC) organized today, 21 June 2021, by one irritant and criminal element by name Austin Wagor. It is unfortunate that he could get anybody to listen to him and even record his bogus claims. Ideally, the Ministry of Education or the Honourable Commissioner for Education shouldn’t dignify him with any response; but for the benefits of the credulous public it is expedient to clarify briefly as follows:

  1. The so-called Austin and his co-travellers have no colour of rights to engage in any form of protest regarding the Port Harcourt Technical and Vocational School (PHTVC). They are not staff of the Rivers State Government now and at any time previously and the government owes them no obligation whatsoever;
  2. Contrary to what he has falsely and maliciously alleged, no responsible donor or agency, including the World Bank,has approached the Honourable Commissioner for Education, or the Government of Rivers State regarding any offer to give free training to Rivers State Youths at the PHTVC. The Ministry of Education challenges any responsible donor who had ever written or approached the Ministry of Education to offer any free training of Rivers State youths in the PHTVC to make that information public;
  3. The so-called Austin is a known thief whose only intention is to gain free access to the school in order to continue stealing the movable facilities there, and his inability to achieve that anymore accounts for his public display of madness in the name of protest;
  4. The so-called Austin and his co travellers cannot produce any evidence to verify their bogus claims. The Ministry of Education has written to the Police stating, inter alia, that the school letterhead Austin used to write to the State Police Commissioner was forged and all information conveyed therein amount to giving false information to the Police which is a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Nigeria;
  5. The Ministry of Education expects the Police to conduct proper investigations and do the needful;
  6. The Government of Rivers State is doing a lot in the education sector and deserves the commendation of all. The State Government and the Ministry of Education will continue to do all that is necessary to educate the youths of the State in all ramifications;
  7. In view of the foregoing, the general public is advised to ignore the deliberate misinformation coming from the stark illiterate and criminal element called Austin and his co-travellers who have been parading themselves for a while now as staff of the PHTVC.

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Sir Chidi Adiele
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Education

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