Putting The Record Straight~ Eze Felix Otuwarikpo

Palace Of Nye Udu Upata
Information Unit
Udhor Upata – Edeoha Town
Ahoada East LGA
Rivers State, Nigeria

Press Release

Putting The Record Straight

The Regent to the stool of Eze Ekpeye Logbo, HRM Nye Udu Felix Enene Otuwarikpo,Ph.D, Fnipr, FCIAP, WSS,JP is saddled with enormous responsibilities. At all times, he is available to offer advice and services to all Ekpeye people, support and encourage the development of Ekpeyeland.

His primary focus is to ensure the stability and security of the Upata Kingdom and all parts of Ekpeye, as the reigning Nye Udu Upata III. He believes in playing the role of ensuring that our dear Ekpeye is peaceful, well governed and to encourage the next generation of leaders to emerge.

As Regent, the Upata Monarch has never planned to transform himself into substantive Eze Ekpeye Logbo, a commitment he reiterated on Saturday, June 2, 2021 during a 2-day Virtual Convention of the Usama Ekpeye USA 2021. He became Regent in strict compliance with documented processes, being the most senior First Class traditional ruler in Ekpeye after the Stool of Eze Ekpeye Logbo.

Sufficiently, he did not necessarily need to be an Eze Ekpeye Logbo to be relevant or to contribute to the development of Ekpeyeland. As Nye Udu Upata, a revered and strong Stool, he is at a more vantage position to contribute to the wellfare of Ekpeye people without distraction and he is serving the Upata people deligently with a well articulated developmental blueprints.

This is why the Upata people would not consent to him abdicating the Upata throne for another. For the records, the Nye Udu Upata will not put up himself for contest for the stool of Eze Ekpeye Logbo.

So, those fighting him and faning the embers of hate and discord should allow peace and unity to prevail in Ekpeye Communities.

On security, the amnesty program was stalled as a result of Court cases instituted by some traditional Rulers in Ekpeye, though plans are on to further deradicalize the repentant cultists and provide them both psychological and social rehablitation and reintegration.

Though no nation is crime free, Ekpeye is not an exception but that Ekpeye is peaceful and investment friendly today, is because of the traditional amnesty driven by the monarch and; strigent mechanism is needed to police Ekpeye communities for business to thrive.

On record, over 400 cultists renounced cultism and were disarmed, but some have returned back to the bush engaging in oil bunkering and other illicit business based on alleged backlash of abandonment.

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On a new Eze Ekpeye Logbo the Regent will work with others for a statutory laid down processes and procedures for the emergence of a new Eze Ekpeye Logbo. This is because, Ekpeye does not have a Constitution at the moment hence the controversies pervading the land. He strongly canvased this position at the 2021 Uzugbani Ekpeye Convention held in Ahoada Town.

The clarifications became necessary following current tension ocassioned by bloated ambition and agitations of some who want to become the next Eze Ekpeye Logbo, and same has led to new factions in the Ekpeye Traditional Council thereby deepening the crises and causing more disunity in Ekpeye.

It is our concern for God’s enablement on other Kings to passionately work to uplift their people and not sowing seeds of discord, hatred and disunity. As an Ethnic Nation, Ekpeye will reboince to glory if Kings in Ekpeyeland commit to societal service.

We hail Usama Ekpeye USA for a successful 2021 Virtual Convention, but they need to collaborate with the traditional class, political office holders particularly, the Chairmen of Ahoada East and West Local Government Areas in tackling burning issues relating to the development of Ekpeye.

Comrade Oyagiri Monday
SA on Media/Publicity

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