The unacceptable marginalization of Ekpeye Ethnic Nation by Governor Nyesom Wike’s Administration~ Elems Felix Ukwu

Felix Ukwu

His Excellency,

With all due respect, I write as a concern citizen of Nigeria and an indigene of Rivers State, a bonafide son of Oshiobele community in Ekpeye Ethnic nationality of Ahoada west local Government. I humbly wish to bring to your conscious obvious concerns of un- acceptable marginalization against Ekpeye Ethnic Nation by your administration. 

His Excellency Sir, Ekpeye Ethnic Nation is the third largest Ethnic nation in Rivers State but regrettably there are no notable evidence of developmental project(s) sited in any part of Ekpeye Ethnic Nation by your administration. As one begin to wonder as; could it be an oversight ? even with this notion, it remains worrisome considering Ekpeye Ethnic Nationality numeric political strength in Rivers State.

Correct me if am wrong, since the inception of your administration not even one or two projects of past administration (abandoned projects) were completed by your administration in Ekpeye, more so to think of your administration’s initiative for a new developmental project(s) that will impact on the overall development of Ekpeye Ethnic Nation and her citizens, in order that, to take her rightful and legitimate position in Rivers State.

I wish to note, His Excellency Sir, that the neglect and marginalization of Ekpeye  Ethnic Nation was not intentional by your administration and by this humble notice of your oversight, your administration will realize and show concern, love and initiate programs for the overall development of Ekpeye Ethnic Nation. The concern and love for Ekpeye nation should begin to manifest to reality to the people of Ekpeye Nation as our amiable Governor and Son-in-law.

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The people of Ekpeye Nation are concern and watchful but with the believe that your administration  will do legitimately the needful for the development of Ekpeye Ethnic Nation. The worst of all, Ahoada west local Government Area where the first lady, the wife of the Executive Governor of Rivers State Come from, no commissioner appointment from her  local Government, no adviser to the Executive Governor of any category appointed. I found it very difficult to believe and to have an acceptable explanation of this ill-treatment melted to Ahoada west local Government Area in particular and Ekpeye Ethnic Nation in general by our son-in-law, His Excellency, Chief Barr. Nyesom Wike, the Executive Governor of Rivers State.

His Excellency Sir, I humbly wish to thank  you in advance and in anticipation for your administration realization of the oversight and purposeful initiative to legitimize Ekpeye Ethnic Nationality her rightful place in Rivers State and in your administration.

Elems Felix Ukwu

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