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UK Visa Sponsorship: The United Kingdom Government from time to time do update its list of licenced sponsors.

Get the latest information on changes to the register of licensed sponsors with our regularly updated table. View the list of companies that have been recently added or removed from the register, including their locations, website and contact details. Stay informed and make informed decisions with our easily accessible and up-to-date data.

Register of licensed UK Sponsors

This article tries to provide a List of UK companies licensed to sponsor local and foreign workers on the  Worker immigration routes.

These companies have been given approval or licence by the UK government to offer employment sponsorship to UK job seekers or abroad job seekers. The information also contains about the category of workers they’re licensed to sponsor and their sponsorship rating.

Interested candidates are to approach these licenced sponsors via their physical office on online through the website to check out their career pages to check for available vacancies, recruitment forms on their website or forward their CV to their email requesting their sponsorship or available job openings. Or better still call their number and just open up conversation with them on the subject matter.

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On approval of your request these companies will issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) which is a job offer to you in your chosen job code weather, healthcare, construction, Information Technology (IT), Real Estate etc.  With this CoS bearing thier licenced number, company name and address you can easily commence processing your visa and thier high chances that the UK embassy will issue you a visa provided you have a CoS from these licenced sponsors.

List Of Companies In The Uk Willing To Sponsor Visa

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