Tinubu is a Known Drug Lord~ Reno Omokri

A social critique and Social media influencer Reno Omokri who also is a member of the People’s Democratic party has come out to say that former Lagos state Governor and now the rulling All Progressive Congress party’s presidential candidate Bola Tinubu is a known drug lord and drug trafficker with records available with foreign intelligence and security agencies.
“Bola Tinubu is a KNOWN DRUG LORD. Foreign governments have his record. Nigeria does not need another Noriega”, he stated.
He questioned Tinubu’s relationship with one Mueez Adegboyega Akande who was once involved in a drug trafficking crime. It was alledged that in the early 1993, Adegboyega Mueez Akande with others use an organization which distributed white heroine, on the 15th of September, 1993.
Reno Omokri on his verified Facebook page took a swipe on the APC National leader and now presidential candidate Ahmed Bola Tinubu.
See what Reno wrote about Tinubu below:
“When a former drug lord named Manuel Noriega became President of Panama, he became a puppet in the hand of foreign powers, because they knew his secret. Bola Tinubu is a KNOWN DRUG LORD. Foreign governments have his record. Nigeria does not need another Noriega! 
“Bola Tinubu, who is Mueez Adegboyega Akande? What is his relationship to you (we know the answer). Foreign security and intelligence agencies also have these details. You can continue asking your goons to threaten me, but I am a child of the Most High. You come at me, angels come at you! 
“By the way, what eventually happened to Noriega? He was toppled by the U.S. and jailed over his drug cartel relationships. And Nigeria is playing with electing a KNOWN DRUG LORD? Do we want our country to lose its prestige and be like Noriega’s Panama?”
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has been involved in a certificate wherein the INEC has questioned his certicates and the institutions he attended.
Kabiru Massari running mate to Bola Tinubu has also come out to say his original school certificates were all missing as well.

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