Upata Social Media [USMC] frowns over attack on Monarch


~ Warns detractors to desist forthwith

The attention of the apex social media crew in Orashi region; Upata Social Media Crew (USMC) has been drawn to the recent Social Media attacks on the Monarch of Upata Kingdom, who doubles as the Regent to the Stool of Eze Ekpeye Logbo, HRM Nye Udu Felix Enene Otuwarikpo Ph.D, JP, AP, FNIR, Nye-Udu Igbu Upata III of Upata Kingdom.

It is shocking and worrisome that despite the public declaration by the Regent that he is not nurturing interest to contest the Stool of Eze Ekpeye, some desperadoes who feed from crisis would still sponsor unpatriotic parrots in human form, who biologically and intellectually lack the moral right to discuss Ekpeye kingship, to malign our King.

However, the high interest displayed by antagonists is not astonishing but, it assist to lay bare the microscopic, myopic and amoebic elements who via personal hatred, raised their quest to clinch the Stool of Eze Ekpeye through the backyard. They resort to blackmail and negative instigation. Their fear can be attributed to the intimidating profile of the Upata monarch. Though, not enough to trigger such potential disaffection among the Kingdoms in Ekpeye, and it is by this note that USMC grossly condemn in its entirety the continued attack against HRM Nye-Udu Otuwarikpo, while categorically stating as follows:

1. That no one irrespective of status, rank, particularly the uninformed, homosapienic, misguided and low moral miscreants should misconstrue our protracted silence for cowardice or compromise, and therefore, should not take advantage of the “Regency” as an avenue to undermine the Throne of the Upata people and the person of King Felix Enene Otuwarikpo, as his breed in the traditional institution in the state and nation remain rare.

2. That an attack on the Nye Udu Otuwarikpo remains an attack on the ancient throne of Upata and the entire Upata people. That the Upata people have always steered clear from issues not related to Upata and would never interfere with crisis in other kingdoms, we will resist any other attack on our heritage.

3. That no USMC member, no son or daughter of Upata has on social media demeaned other Kings or Leaders the way youths of other Kingdoms in Ekpeyeland demean, ridicule and insult our revered Monarch. There must be a stop to this ugly episode; we will retaliate in fold if it continues no matter who will be affected.

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4. Note, USMC still reserves and parades the most enlightened and sophisticated social media armours in Ekpeye with the capacity to launch devastating attack on any individual and office if pushed to the wall, but still minding the fact that there is a saying that goes, “you don’t argue with a fool, lest he drag you down to his level”.

5. That we will never hesitate to respond with equivalent arsenal if not more severe, should the classified elements persist in their attack on our God-given king. Upata people are very respectful. Yes, our king may not be 100% perfect, but we will no longer tolerate further insults on our traditional Head from the unscrupulous elements who call themselves Social Media activists extremely loyal to those who want to cause disaffection in Ekpeye.

Therefore, we are advising fellow youths who are bent at insulting our King on the social space to desist but, should search for a legitimate means of bettering their lives.

We call on Leaders,at every level, to rein-in their attack dogs or, we will all dance naked.


Long Live Ekpeye Ethnic Nation!

Andrew Uzutam Isaac

Bro Vincent D. Edward-Odoi
Secretary General

Omerenyi Paul


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