Usama Ekpeye USA Donates Relief Items, Calls for Proactivenes in Addressing Flood Disaster in Ekpeye Land

~Advocates Inward Approach Towards Tackling the Menace
~Sets Up Technical Team of Engineers
Worried by the significant negative impact of the 2022 flood disaster in Ekpeye land in Rivers state, Ekpeye’s diaspora Organization in the United States of America- Usama Ekpeye USA Inc. has called on Stakeholders across board to be proactive in handling flood incident in the area.
The flood disaster has submerged over 80% of communities in Ekpeye land comprising of Ahoada East and Ahoada West LGAs in Rivers state, and has displaced thousands of residents from their homes who now reside in IDP camps.
The group led by it’s BoT Chairman Engr. Manuwa Morgan Ogiri made the call on Saturday 22nd October 2022 during the presentation of relief materials to the Ekpeye Flood Committee at the Palace of Eze Ekpeye Logbo 111 His Imperial Majesty Eze Kelvin Ngozi Anugwo.
Ogiri who noted the loss of lives, properties and source of livelihood of the victims expressed worry over percieved government’s neglegence to the flood occurrence in 2012 and recent warnings by the meteorological agency about the 2022 flood.
Usama Ekpeye USA 2022 flood
“Unfortunately we were informed about the incident but we are just reacting to it now, but It’s time we become proactive about this issue.
“It has become a clitche for people to keep calling on government and government is not doing anything about the situation.
“It’s time we as a people become better stewards to protect our land. It’s as simple as being responsible by doing it yourself and going out there to dredge the rivers than Keep waiting on government that has done nothing about the issue”.
Expressing confidence on the people he said the people must start doing things themselves and quit waiting on government than won’t show up.
“We have done it before. We have the ability. We need to quit waiting on people who will never show up”,
“You provide yourself with housing, water and electricity.
“It’s time for we to start taking matters into our own hands to protect those things you have built for yourself. It’s time we come together to fight those things that try to take away our livelihood”, he said.
He noted that his organization has setup a committee of civil engineers to come up with recommendations on a better approach towards solving the flood menace and advised for cooperation of everyone when called upon to further avert future occurrences of the disaster.
In his response the Eze Ekpeye Logbo 111 His Imperial Majesty Eze Kelvin Ngozi Anugwo PhD., Fnim welcomed the Usama Ekpeye USA delegation in his palace with joy and receive the relief items on behalf of Ekpeye ethnic nation.
Usama Ekpeye USA 2022 flood
Eze Anugwo further eulogized the painstaking effort of the group’s delegation for coming down all the way from the united States of America to felicitate with Ekpeye flood victims at the trying moment, a feet which he said is uncommon.
The king who noted that the incident of the flood disaster in 2012 was taken for granted, said most Ekpeye citizens are trapped in thier communities as there was no road to access the hinterland.
Eze Anugwo said the people took the 2012 flood for granted because no one knew the flood will come back in this unimaginable proportion.
“We took the flood disaster for granted.
“When the flood came in 2012 and ravaged our area, what did we do, we felt the flood will come and go but we didn’t know that of 2022 will be higher than that of 2012” he said.
He noted that over 80% of Ekpeye land mass in Ahoada East & West LGAs are currently submerged by the ravaging flood, a situation he described as tempting, terrifying and trying moment for Ekpeye people.
He also informed that the identified IDP camps are filled to the bream because no one envisaged the disaster coming.
Eze Kelvin Anugwo further expressed gratitude to the group and gave his royal blessing to the providers of the relief items and wished the delgates journey mercies back to the united States promising to protect thier resources, assets back home.

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