How to Fund Binance Account- Step-by-Step Guide (Video)

If you wish to commence a foreign trade journey or you wish to start earning in foreign currency, like in dollars and pounds then of course you should consider to Signing up with Binance.

With the continued crashing of the local currencies daily but with the daily strengthening of the dollar it is only wise to consider moving your money from your local bank up to a stable coins like USDT, BUSD and BTC. And Binance creates a seamless platform for even those who have no trading experience to do this.

What is Binance?

In its simplest term, Binance is the world largest cryptocurrency exchanger or foreign exchange platform where all financial assets are virtually traded on daily bases 24/7 globally. Binance can be accessed via its website and via its mobile App downloadable through the Playstore and App store respectively. It should be noted that various trading platform exists in the binance platform like the P2P trading, Auto-invest trading, etc.

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How to Fund Binance Account

In our previous article we explained steps on how to Create Binance Account however in this article we shall be explaining the steps to follow to fund your newly created binance account to start trading.

The process of funding your Binance account is better explained in visual hence we have put same a video so you can fully appreciate the process. However, in theory, the steps includes.

Steps To Fund Binance Account

  1. Login into your verified Binance Account and head over to the P2P section of the Binance App or website
  2. At the P2P section locate a Currency seller or Exchanger with a good transaction completion score (above 95% is advisable) and maybe a binance verified seller
  3. Check the Seller’s transaction amount limit and see if it tallies with your amount
  4. If you are ok with the merchant/seller, go ahead and click on “Buy” to initiate the transaction.
  5. Go through his terms of transaction, if you are okay with his terms copy his account details and go to your bank app and transfer the money to him
  6. After transferring click on confirm transfer on the app and you may attach the transfer reciept from your bank to the sellers chatting inbox then chat him up that you have sent the money asking him to release the coins to you.
  7. The Seller after confirming your payment should release the coin to your binance account and you will receive it in your funding wallet.

There could be a delay in the merchant receiving your payment hence delaying release of funds

Practical Video How to Fund Binance Account

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