UK Petition: Allow Healthcare Workers on skilled worker visas to work for any employer

UK Petition: Allow Healthcare Workers on skilled worker visas to work for any employer:

In the meantime residents in the UK who are under the Tier 2 Sponsored Visa by their employers are restricted by the UK Government from working for other employers outside their job code or description. For instance those under the Healthcare job code cannot work for employers outside the healthcare, while this is the current policy it has got some limitations and setbacks which this campaign is seeking parliament’s review of the policy.

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Sometimes the negative effects of this policy is that when these licenced employers are unable to provide shifts or jobs for these tier 2 employees under them the UK law requires that these employers can only work 20hrs in a week on part time bases with other healthcare companies or get a switch or sponsorship with another company to regain back thier full work hour of 40hrs or more in a week. Worst still is that should the licence of these employers who sponsored these workers to UK are revoked (for any reason) the workers are forced to return back to their home country within 60 days or get a new  job switch or sponsorship; unfortunately sponsorship is very limited and dont come by easily especially within the given time frame from by Governemnt. And so all these puts the UK Tier 2 or Healthcare workers in a tight corner or causes some untold psychological trauma and tension which directly or indirectly affect their service delivery.

So the campaign is seeking that the UK Government should allow Healthcare Workers who came to the UK on a Skilled Work or Tier 2 visa to change employers and work for any employer, irrespective of whether they have a sponsorship licence, without needing to update their visa.

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Some healthcare workers are exploited by employers, or denied their rights to pay and safe working conditions, or threatened with visa sponsorship withdrawal when they raise concerns.

These kind of conditions are resulting in workers suffering from mental health conditions, and treatment by some employers can amount to modern slavery, and negatively affect service delivery.

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Government will respond

Government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures.

At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in the UK Parliament. So if you are healthcare worker or have friends, family or relations in the UK send this post to them to endeavor to sign the petition and also share it wide.



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