MTFE Trading Platform: Make Consistent Daily, Weekly Dollar Earnings With A.I From Your Phone!


MTFE  is a mobile platform allowing investors to trade various financial assets using automated Artificial Intelligence (A.I). The app is available for Android and iOS devices and offers several features that make it a valuable tool for investors.

MTFE is a Canadian Trading Company and also a Forex Broker established since 2015. MTFE is a legally registered and licensed by the Canadian and Australian Security and Exchange Commission. They also have the license of ASIC to fully operate as a BROKER.

MTFE is not an R.O.I (Return on Investment) platform.

It’s not a Ponzi scheme.

✅In MTFE, your funds is not locked.

✅Your can withdraw your capital and profits anytime you want.

✅Your original capital remains intact and your daily profit are added at the end of each trading day.

✅ You earn daily profit of without referring. But if you refer, you will get referral rebate commission in addition to the profit you earn from personal trading using the robot.


TAKE NOTE: Creating multiple accounts for yourself to generate unjust referral rewards is NOT ALLOWED by the company. There’s a penalty for those who will attempt to cheat the system.

✅ After funding your account, the Forex robot trades for you and usually makes profit of 2% to 9% daily depending on your level of trading.

✅ The A.I robot It trades for you from Mondays to Fridays. No trading during weekends.

✅ Minimum funding for trading is $30

✅ Maximum is as much as you can afford.

✅ Minimum withdrawal is $25

✅ No maximum withdrawal. You can withdraw as much as you can, everything.

✅ You fund your account in usdt Trc20 and also get paid in usdt Trc20

You can withdraw your profit and capital anytime you want. Capital is not locked. Your capital is in your account.

The robot makes profit for you and also for the company.

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MTFE Regulator

Just like every other financial institutions, the MTFE is regulated giving members that confidence in the system.

MTFE is supervised by industry authorities and multi-institutions.

  • MTFE Group is registered in Canada. The MTFE Group is a licensed member of Canadian MSB (member number M22076570)
  • MTFE is the retail brand of MTFE Group. Among them, METAVERSE FOREIGN EXCHANGE GROUP INC is regulated by the Australian ASIC Authorized Regulatory (AR) Regulatory Number: 001302569
  • All business operations of MTFE are carried out under strict supervision and comply with all regulations.


  1. You use the robot to trade Forex, INDEX, commodity, stock and crypto. You can use the robot conveniently even if you don’t have any experience or knowledge of Forex or crypto.
  2. The company also release trading signals daily, you can use the signals to trade if you want to. This is optional.
  3. If you are a Forex trader, whether a beginner or intermediate or expert, you can fund your MTFE account and Trade the financial market after personal analysis. This is also optional
  4. MTFE will pay you referral rebate commission:

✅ 12% to 30% rebate commission for 1st generation referrals. It depends on your Grade

✅ 8% to 18% rebate commission for 2nd generation downlines

✅ 3% to 12% rebate commission for 3rd generation downlines. It depends on your Grade.

  1. MTFE gives COMPANY support to members: you will get $100, $200, $300 company support if you have a team size of 30, 50, 70 daily traders
  2. The company will set up a Service Center in your City and make you the CEO if you have a team size of 100 traders under you. The company will give you $3,000 initially to provide resources for the service center.

You will be placed on a monthly salary of between $1400 to $2,000 depending on the weight of those trading in your team.

You can apply for a weekly support of $500 to run seminars and workshops.

  1. The company is into community development by building schools, hospitals and caring for orphanages. These you can attract to your locality after becoming a CEO.

This is a real, legit, legal and sustainable company.


  1. MTFE is an award winning forex broker. In Dec, 2022 MTFE won The Most Trusted Broker Award at the Hong Kong Investors Awards. It also won The Best Broker Award at same event.
  2. MTFE is registered in Canada and regulated by FINTRAC
  3. MTFE has insurance cover for all traders losses to the tune of $3,000 and the insurance is run through Wiki Fx. This means that if the website crashes, you can file in for $3000 benefit irrespective of the amount you lost.
  4. MTFE is not a new firm. It has been trading off-linesince 2015 and launched online in 2021. It now trades about 80 varieties across forex, commodities, index, stock, crypto and option.
  5. MTFE has a strong collaboration with Workxie Club to provide its manual traders trainings for skill development and trade signals. Lots of fun-fill events take place daily on Workxie Club platform.
  6. MTFE’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart Transaction makes every trader a winner with zero skills and zero risk. The AI guarantees 1.8% profit Daily Monday to Friday and is 98% accurate.
  7. MTFE has over 100 centres across the world managed by CEOs. You can become a CEO by having 100 activetraderss in your team. The company will give you $2000 to set up an office with 2 staff and monthly maintenance allowance provided as well.
  8. You can earn without investing anything by leveraging on the third option to make money, which is through building a team of traders. You will earn good money daily from commission from your team members service charge.
  9. User control of portfolio and no locking of capital. You can make deposit now and withdraw it same moment.
  10. Easy KYC. Only id card number is needed.  No pictures or upload of your id card.

MTFE Key Features

MTFE uses industry-leading security measures to protect your personal and financial information. This includes 2FA authentication, SSL encryption, and a cold storage wallet for storing your funds.

MTFE is a user-friendly platform:

MTFE is a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate. The app is available in multiple languages and offers various resources to help you learn how to trade.

If you are looking for a safe and automated way to trade financial assets, MTFE is a great option. The app offers a variety of features that make it a valuable tool for investors, and a strong regulatory framework backs it.


  1. Is MTFE regular?

MTFE is a foreign exchange broker, and MTFE is a real broker. MTFE has a legal and compliant business license, a Canadian MSB regulatory license, and an Australian ASIC financial license. You can check.

Do not confuse MTFE with other fake platforms. As far as I know, MTFE has established hundreds of operation centers in various countries.

  1. How Does MTFE Make Money?

There are two ways to profit from MTFE trading

  1. After depositing, you can earn stable income through AI intelligent trading, or you can manually trade by yourself to make trading products you are interested in
  2. You can invite friends to trade through your own promotion code and earn generous commission income. Each person will have their own independent discount code after registering an account. Even if your account has not been deposited, you can still use your discount code to invite friends to earn commission profits.

3: What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal of MTFE?

MTFE deposits and withdrawals are at least 30 US dollars, and USDT can only be used for deposits.

Withdrawals are available Monday through Friday. It takes 1-3 business days to transfer from balance to wallet. According to my experience, the account can be received within 24-36 hours. Just wait patiently after exiting. Withdrawals made on Friday will be credited the following Monday.

Deposit and withdrawal time is calculated according to GMT+8 time zone

4: No transaction is 100% profitable. Using AI smart trading is not 100% profitable. According to my experience, the maximum loss is 1-2 times a month. At most three days lossess in the entire month. Even if there is a loss in a month, you can still earn a profit between 30% and 50%.

Even if there is a loss, there is no need to worry about making up for it through future transactions. As long as you continue to trade MTFE and invite friends to trade to earn commission profits, I guarantee that you will be able to obtain long-term and stable income in MTFE.

5: Members who want to upgrade their level need to make the account funds reach the corresponding level in five days, and it will be automatically updated on weekends.


  1. Registration is free, just fund your MTFE and start trading the same day that you funded.
  2. Any buying of robot or payment for monthly or annual subscriptions to use the AI to trade? The answer is ‘NO’
  3. Is my capital locked for a period of tenure? The answer is ‘NO’
  4. Can I withdraw my capital and profit anytime? Yes you can within Monday through Thursday, comes within 24 hours, Friday withdrawal comes on Monday.
  5. Is REFERRING or connecting friends mandatory? ‘NO’, However if you refer friends you earn rebate commissions up to 3rdgeneration level!
  6. What’s the minimum to fund my MTFE? $30 after deposit charges it comes down to about $27 which $26 is picked by AI to trade.
  7. What’s the mode of withdrawal? Is a WEB 3.0 business, Payment and withdrawal are done using USDT,TRC20
  8. Is MTFE registered? Search through relevant brokers authorization institutions.
  9. Is this a ROI? ‘NO’ It is purely a Forex trading app, anyone can trade using the broker app

How to Make Money with MTFE

There are two ways to make money with MTFE:

  1. Through trading profits:

When you trade financial assets on MTFE, you can profit if the asset’s price moves in your favor.

You do not have to trade yourself. You must transfer the funds from your wallet to the asset and then turn on the AI to start auto trading.

  1. Through Referral Bonuses:

MTFE offers a referral bonus program that allows you to earn money when you refer friends and family to the platform. But note that this is not compulsory.


MTFE Daily earning chat

Please carefully understand this

From $26 to $60 you will be earning 0.40 – $1.0 daily

From $61 – $200, you will be earning $1.5 – $1.7 daily

From $201 – $500, you will be earning $5.5 to $5.7 daily

From $501 – $900, you will be earning $12 to $13 daily

From $901 – $1499, you will be earning $18 – $23 daily

From $1500 – $2000, you will be earning $32 – $38 daily

From $2001- $3500 you will be earning $43 daily

$3501, you will be earning $76 daily

$4001, you will be earning $87.48 daily

$5001, you will be earning $127.87 daily Etc.

That means, someone who is trading with $26 and someone who is trading with $60 will be earning the same thing until you enter $61, then the profit will change

Someone who is trading with $61 and someone who is trading with $200 will earn the same thing until you have enter $201. And so on

Reason: Because the amount of the money the Robot is using to go to the market with someone that  has $26 is the same amount is using with someone with $60, until you have enter the next Stage which is $61, then the profit will change. And so on.

This is why $1 is very important here.

So Therefore These are the Stages of accounts we have in MTFE .

Stage 1  =       $26

Stage 2. =      $61

Stage 3. =      $201

Stage 4  =      $501

Stage 5. =       $901

Stage 6  =       $1500

Stage 7. =       $2001

Stage 8. =       $3501

Stage 9. =        $4001

Stage 10 =       $5001

Stage 11 =.       $8001

Stage 12 =       $10001

Etc .

  • Note: Your profit will not change until you have enter the next Stage .
  • Note:  experience on forex trading, profit only change when you change your lots size, no matter your equity. And this is exactly what the Robot is doing. This prove that what the Robot is doing is a pure real time trade.

How to Sign-up/Register With MTFE

If you haven’t registered, kindly visit the play store or app store on your phone to download the MTFE app and register with your email, bank details and valid government reorganised ID card. On your playstore or app store search for “MTFE” and download the app then register through the process.

App link for Play store:

App Link for App Store

  1. Download *MTFE trading app* from google play store or Apple Store.
  2. Open the app, click on Register, enter your details. Please register with a functional and accessible email address of yours and not with phone number.
  3. Leave organization code space empty
  4. Enter the Promo Code: 2567393
  5. After successful registration, login to your app, click on Wallet and click on security authentication to complete KYC. In a space of 15 minutes it would be completed then you can deposit and turn on AI*.
  • Note your AI button must be on from 1Pm (Afternoon) everyday for the AI trading. All these plus guide on how to Register and fund your account just send a n email to: or


  1. Go to Playstore or apple store and download MTFE. After downloading, activate/open the app,
  2. Click on “Register”, Please use your email not your phone number to register and select your country and click on “Continue”. Use an email you can access on your phone to register.
  3. Put the promo code: MyPromo or Referral code is: 2567393
  4. Leave the organization code space Click on *next*
  5. Click on “Get verification code”
  6. Pass the security test. By moving the arrow in the image towards the described direction
  7. Go to your email and get the code, put your password and click done; Enter the MTFE Code if it has been sent to the email address you provided. (It maytake some time for the email to arrive.)

However, click on Resend, only if you don’t receive the MTFE Code within 5 minutes.

Please enter a password for your MTFE account.

Again, enter the password you provided above.

Click Complete once you’ve finished the previous steps.

*Note : If you find it difficult to register, submit your email and country to register or contact us on whatsapp only +2347063249904 or or


Click on the little arrow near where it’s written “Security authentication” *>*

Fill your information, on the place of ID Card, put your ID card number (eg. Voters card or NIN)


Once your verified, the next thing is to fund your account:

✓ Login to your app, click on “wallet”

✓ Click on “Recharge”

✓ Copy the wallet address  usdtTRC20 and send your money there.

How to Fund or Deposit Funds into Your MTFE Account

MTFE supports a crypto payment. The minimum deposit amount is $25. Once you have deposited funds into your account, you can start trading immediately. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. In your app tap on the Wallet> Recharge button and copy the wallet address  usdtTRC20 and send your money there to fund your account
  2. Or you’ll see a QR code of the crypto wallet. You can scan the QR code or copy the wallet address, choose the network, and pay from your wallet.
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation message after the deposit is completed.

Note: You can deposit through Binance App. Simply create an account in Binance do KYC verification and Done!. Now go to P2P and buy USDT (it will take 2-4 hrs). If you need full guide contact us

NB: we can only assist you in funding guide if you registered with our promo code: 2567393


  1. In your Click on “Transaction mode”
  2. Click on “AI smart contract”
  3. Turn it on.

Congratulations  your set.

Note: that the AI button must be turned on on or before 1Pm (afternoon) everyday

How To Withdraw From MTFE

Transfer your Profit from Asset to Wallet. Then Go To Wallet > Withdraw > Enter Amount (Minimum $25) You should add 3% extra MTFE charge. Example if you want to withdraw $25 then : $25+3% = $25.75 , After that you will receive $25 to you wallet. After receiving the amount you can send it to TRC20 address. If you have Binance you will get TRC 20 (Tron) Address . It will take 24-48 Hours. Then you can sell it via P2P.


MTFE is a powerful mobile trading platform that offers a variety of features that make it a valuable tool for investors. The AI trading robot is the game changer as you don’t have to be a guru in trading financial instruments to earn money; with the A.I device all you need to do is to ensure You’re a.I is turned on and you sit back to watch your earnings grow daily, weekly and monthly.  If you are looking for a way to trade financial assets on the go, MTFE is a great option.


Every business even the ones you are doing currently has risks; that’s why the honest advise to start any investment is to start with what you can afford to risk observe and monitor the system to make better informed investment decisions in the close future

AS FOR MTFE APP, It has proven to be a safe place to invest, because it is the only place where you can enter the market yourself and make profit based on ur  knowledge and skills where u manage ur trade losses.

Just as stated, MTFE also provides the Ai option to gain from, in those AI trades we experience losses even though they are recoverable within days to prevent any form of liquidation, that means with MTFE app, you cannot get a big losses that affects us capital.

Deposit and withdraw is very easy and your capital can be withdrawn without any restriction.

Now you have an opportunity of a new side hustle, my advise is stop procrastinating just give a trial, test the system and get a first hand experience, and you will be convinced.

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