Resurgence of Insecurity in Ekpeye: The Role of the AELGA & AWELGA Legislature in Steming the tide~ by Gideon Ele


The constitutional role of the legislature in steming the tide of insecurity menace in Ahoada East and West LGAs cannot be overemphasized as they form the background on which the LGA Chairman administers their respective domains effectively.

The purpose of the legislature all over the world is to make laws and ensure public accountability through its oversight functions. The Legislature derives its powers from the 1999 Constitution (as amended) in Sections 4(1) and 4(2). The Legislature is vested with the powers to make laws for the peace, order and good governance of the Federation. “It is also vested with investigatory powers, financial powers, confirmation and impeachment powers.
The legislature in a local government area is charged with the responsibility of making bye laws and policies, authorization of annual budget control of the executive and representing the opinions of the local people.

The legislature just like the judiciary and the Executive is a very significant arm of government created to perform very serious legislative functions, empowered by law to enunciate and formulate laws that guides, protect lives and properties, bring about security, peace and meaningful development in the area.

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The government of Ahoada East and West or any other local government authority cannot be complete without the legislative assembly pursuant to the law establishing the Local Government as a third tier of government- the government in the grassroot.

The right to life of citizens in Ahoada East and West LGAs is a fundamental principle objective and falls on the shoulders of government of which the legislators swore an oath to protect and defend when this right is threatened.

The resurgence of Insecurity and blood bathing, killing, kidnapping, and all forms of criminality have constituted serious breaches of peace and social problem calling for strong legislative measures and intervention to complement the actions of her executive counterpart in formulating laws that protect her local populace in Ahoada East and West LGAs.

In recent times there has been a dangerous resurgence and rise of sustained assassination, kidnapping and criminality in Ekpeye land unabated that has serious negative impacts on the already affected socio-economic condition of Ekpeye ethnic nation in Rivers state and it behoves on her lawmakers to use the instrumentality of the law to stem the tide to enunciate and formulate policies and bye laws to restore normalcy and sanity in the area.

Laws sets the minimum standard for ethical behavior in every civil society and those saddled with this responsibility of making such laws must own up to thier responsibilities and not wait for the executive alone to perform. Laws regulate life and set the tune/tone for a successful local government administration without which a local government will lose focus.

Only the law can regulate a people. When law fails, every other thing collapses, including life!
Any society with too much bloodbaths, wanton killings and all sorts of criminality and social vices cannot make any meaningful progress; no wonder why the legislature must wade in now to restore sanity in the system.

The leadership of the Ahoada East and West Legislative assemblies are hereby challanged to rise up to the insecurity menace that permeates through every area of life in Ekpeye thereby dragging her backward to the dark days where life was short and Brutish wherein people where massacred and others chased out of Ekpeye land and many kidnapped and later killed.

Some of the bills that can be sponsored by members of the legislative assemblies in Ahoada East and West LGAs includes but not limited to;

1. Bill seeking to establish a local vigilante 2023 ( eg. OSPAC)
2. Bill to check the use/abuse of illicit drugs 2023
3. Bill to check cult activities in Ekpeye 2023
4. Bill to regulate Okada riding at night 2023
5. Bill to compel Multinationals & IOCs to employ Ekpeye youths into management positions of trust 2023
6. Bill to improve the business climate/ environment in Ahoada East & West LGAs 2023 (improve commerce)
7. Bill to establish scholarship & empowerment schemes for Ekpeye youths.
8. Abolishment of Obnoxious traditional practices bill 2023
Etc. Etc.

House members should lobby themselves and see that these bills go through the stages and eventually passed and accented by thier executive Chairmen. The Chairmen are also encouraged to quickly accent to these bills into law for quick execution of these bylaws. Once there is strong detterance for unethical behaviors and deviants are made to face the wrath of the law then you would have tame insecurity to the barest minimum. This is the true essence and the role of the Legislature in a democracy.

In summary every effective local government administration is tied to an effective and efficient legislative arm saddled with the constitutional duty of making relevant laws that give direction and shapen democratic governance.

-Ahoada East LGA Chairman
-Ahoada West LGA Chairman
-Leader Ahoada East Legislative Assembly
-Leader Ahoada West Legislative Assembly

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