Appeal letter to Governor Wike for infrastructural development in ward ten Ahoada East LGA


Your Excellency may I most sincerely felicitate and congratulate you on your recent receipt of the revered Ekpeye title “Eze Ugbabuzewe Ekpeye Olu” [King who uplifts Ekpeye nation] by the Ekpeye Council of Traditional Rulers & Chiefs [ECTRC].

This historic ethnic recorgnition no doubt was well thought out following your undiluted love and commitment to your in-laws the people of Ekpeye ethnic nationality.

This commitment you have demonstrated through the awards and commissioning of numerous legacy projects across the wards and towns of Ahoada East and West LGAs.

Same commitment you have shown through the elevation of six hitherto second class traditional stools in Ekpeye land to first class statuses. You have written you name in the sands of Ekpeye history of which the record can never be erased.

Your Excellency we are aware of your project and governance revolution across the state and in Ekpeye land, but permit me to observe that all through your first and second term in office that is about to elapse in 2023 the people of ward 10 Ahoada East LGA and especially Ihuaba community are yet to feel a slight dividend of democracy and impact of your administration. The people of ward 10 and Ihuaba community especially seem to be totally shut out from the largesse, policies and programs of your administration in terms of basic infrastructures such as road and electricity. Our road has become moribund, a death trap and no longer motorable as we manage to ply through the nearby communities, Ihuowo and Idoke before getting to Ihuaba. Our local farmers and rural dwellers have continue to suffer untold hardship on the Ihuaba road, especially during the rainy season.

Ihuaba road Ahoada East LGA

In terms of electricity there is total blackout in Ihuaba community and the entire ward 10 communities comprising of Ihuowo, Ihuaba, Idoke, & Ihuama communities respectively, this lack of state government’s presence in ward 10 Ahoada East has become the bane of her underdevelopment since residents, Small & Medium scale Enterprises/Businesses (SMEs) in these areas do not have electricity to store thier produce/goods and cannot freely access Ahoada metropolis with thier farm produce because of the deplorable state of her roads.

We cannot afford to keep silent anymore in the face of this total neglect, while we watch this administration gradually wind down and smaller communities in Ekpeye get hooked up to the national power grid, and their roads awarded and constructed while an ancient and significant community like Ihuaba remains in total darkness without a motorable road even in this 2022.

Your Excellency my apprehensiveness is borne by the fact that we risk not having these basic infrastructures anytime soon should you leave office next year, God forbid!

Your Excellency you may know that Ihuaba is very significant in the history, evolution and development of the modern day Ekpeye (Ahoada East & West LGAs) both politically and traditionally being the community that produced the first Eze Ekpeye logbo in the person of HRM Eze Edmund Unoshi Ashirim. The same Ihuaba produced the serving workaholic and tireless Eze Upata & Regent Eze Ekpeye logbo in the person of HRM. Dr. Felix Otuwarikpo whom within the period of the demise of Eze Robinson O Robinson has piloted the affairs of Ekpeye ethnic nationality diligently to the admiration of many within and outside Rivers State till date. You may know that the Regent with his traditional council instituted the Ekpeye amnesty program that saw the disarmament of thousands of cultists/deviants which eventually saw the return of Peace in Ekpeye land after a long period of unimaginable crisis in Ekpeye land.

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Your Excellency it may also intrest you to know that the vibrant serving member House of Representatives representing Abua Odual & Ahoada East LGA Hon. Barr. Solomon Bob who has continue to defend the cause and intrest of Rivers state in the house of Representatives is from the same Ihuaba community. Also to inform you as well that the serving Rivers State Chairman Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ) Mr. Stanley Job hails from this same Ihuaba community with other dignatories I cannot mention now.

Sir, you will also agree with me that politically our support for you from ward 10 Ahoada East during the 2015 and 2019 elections was total and we anticipate to do more.

It is quite provocative and frustrating that despite our supports and inputs as a people plus numerous calls and appeals to get state government’s attention for the construction of Ihuaba community road and electriclfication of ward 10 communities comprising of Ihuaba, Ihuowo, Ihuaba, Idoke & Ihuama communities respectively our cry has not yet been considered even while smaller communities in Ekpeye are been awarded!

This I must say is very painful to the body and soul. We are sad about this urgly experience and cannot be silent anymore even as this administration is gradually winding down.

Your Excellency the situation is quite disturbing, worrisome and, frustrating hence we apeal for your urgent attention and intervention to save us from this impending shame.

God bless you, bless Ekpeye nation & bless Rivers state.

Gideon Chims Ele
8th March, 2022

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