NADECO Joins Call for President Buhari’s Immediate Resignation

NADECO (National Democratic Coalition), hereby joins numerous groups both in the United States of America and in Nigeria in calling for the immediate resignation of President Mohammadu Buhari as the President and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for gross incompetence and reckless endangerment of life and property of the citizens of Nigeria.

1. The resolution was reached after a meeting of several Nigerian groups both in the United States of America and Nigeria.

2. NADECO noted that the primary and most important responsibility of any government is to ensure liberty and freedom for the people, along with the protection of lives and property of the citizenry, and to provide for the quiet enjoyment and dignity of life. These are the fundamental rights that Nigerians have been denied under Buhari.

3. President Mohammadu Buhari and his All Progressives Congress party have failed woefully and dangerously. NADECO further sagely noted that the fact that the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja is about to fall into the hands of the Fulani herdsmen, bandits, Boko Haram, and ISWAP is a clear signal that the Buhari Administration has collapsed under the weight of its disregard for the people of Nigeria, innate arrogance, ignorance, and corruption.

4. President Buhari himself has stated publicly to the Nigerian people that he is “tired” and therefore cannot wait to leave the office  – even before 2023. Buhari is now a portent of doom. It is abundantly clear that Buhari has “checked out” and is no longer Nigeria’s leader.

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5. What more are Nigerians expecting from a clueless and disconnected Buhari, whose hand is no longer at the tiller and the ship of state is rudderless? The President is tired and wants to leave, therefore, we implore Nigerians to join the movement to demand his resignation or face impeachment from the National assembly. There are many reasons Buhari must resign now, foremost of which is the alarming increase in major security breaches in 2022 that have accelerated the insecurity of Nigeria at a pace even the most cynical could have never foreseen – none of which have been addressed and all of which are squarely the fault of Buhari and his kleptocratic cronies and bootlickers.

Listed below are some major incidences since 2022 began, a year that only 1966 rivals for rampant ethno-religious violence, political executions, and religious and tribal persecution of the People of Nigeria:

A. * February 12, 2022: Attack on Nigerian Defence academy in Kaduna killed 2 officers, abducted 1.

  1. * March 26, 2022: attack at Kaduna airport, killing 1 and shutting down a flight.
  2. * March 28, 2022: Abuja/Kaduna train attack 12 killed, 75 kidnapped. 43 of the kidnapped are still captive in the bush with bandits today
  3. * June 5, 2022: Attack on Catholic church in Owo. 70 were killed, many are injured.
  4. *July 6, 2022: Attack on Buhari’s advance convoy, some were injured. Also, an Assistant Commissioner of Police and a police officer were killed the same day, by the very same bandits.
  5. *July 7, 2022: Attack on Kuje Correctional Facility housing terrorists by well-trained gunmen possessing superior arms to the security guards at the prison, resulting in over 879 prisoners escaped, including all 68 imprisoned Boko Haram members in the prison. less than one-half of the escapees have been captured to date, only one of which was  a member of Boko Haram.
  6. *July 24, 2022: A Captain & 2 officers of the Presidential Brigade Of Guards were killed near Bwari Law School, in another bandit group’s attack.
  7. *July 24, 2022: Bandits threatened to kidnap Buhari & El-Rufai
  8. *Abuja FCT, as we speak, has been encircled by ISWAP, Fulani bandits & Boko Haram. They are gradually tightening the noose. the Federal Government of Nigeria may collapse sooner than later. the situation is dire.These Fulani bandits whether in their incantation as Boko Haram, ISWAP or otherwise, are getting bolder in their genocidal pogrom of death and violence. These terrorists and Enemies of the People of Nigeria have even threatened to kidnap Buhari & El-Rufai. Buhari in his feeble-minded mental fog was not even aware of the danger he is in until El-Rufai warned him. Yet Buhari does nothing and remains stagnant in his doddering feebleness whilst Nigeria burns and the National Assembly stands idle, soiling itself in the shadows; only concerned with its loot and ability to flee the country when it inevitably collapses.

    Fulani bandits with security agents’ connivance and a complicit military, taking a cue from Buhari himself, have taken over all forest reserves nationwide, kidnapping travelers, bishops, clerics etc at will. This newfound stratagem is apart from the daily killing of Christians in Southern Kaduna, Plateau, Benue, Taraba, etc.

    Nigeria has become an ungovernable security hell-hole, a killing field planted and cultivated on Buhari’s 7 year watch. the task of even pretending to lead the nation is simply beyond him now. The hopeless, prostrate toady National Assembly has thrown in the towel, cowering in fearful refusal to read, comprehend or invoke Article 143 of the dead 1999 Constitution and entertain impeachment to relieve Buhari of his misery of governance and correct the aimlessly wandering ship of State heading full sail ahead towards the rocks of imminent mass destruction and the people of Nigeria.
    So, NADECO shall arise now and rescue Nigeria in demanding Buhari’s immediate resignation. It is obvious to even the most casual observer possessing the most moderate intelligence that Nigeria’s elections in 2023 are simply not possible under this seriously deteriorated state of insecurity.

    How can 2023 elections be free and fair when numerous local government areas and communities in Borno, Katsina, Niger, Zamfara communities are in the hands of Fulani terrorists who now govern, collect taxes and levies from them as slave masters to a conquered people?

    Therefore NADECO, on behalf of We the People of Nigeria, submits the following solutions:

    * As a result of the emergency forced on the Nation, on the eve of what have become meaningless 2023 general elections, in a Nigeria gripped by terrorism, bloodshed and unprecedented insecurity, NADECO has thrown its full weight behind eminent Senior Advocate Chief Afe Babalola’s wise and long standing call to put the 2023 elections on hold. Aligning with this well thought out position is also prominent Pastor and former Presidential candidate Chris Okotie, who also canvassed for an Interim Government, to rejig the Constitutional process before any meaningful resort to voting can take place.*

* Chief Afe Babalola proposes on Interim Government for Nigeria.  According to Chief Babalola, a six (6) months duration has been identified as minimum period to set out new ground rules driven by the people as opposed to the Military imposed 1999 Constitution, which surprisingly has survived almost 24 years of civil democratic rule –  despite never being approved by the will of the People who have been denied the opportunity to vote on the Bastard Document that is the albatross around the neck of a cursed Nigeria, lost at sea and heading rudderless towards inevitable destruction with a zombie at the helm.*

* Chief Babalola advocates for a new Constitution by the People and for the People of Nigeria through a Constituent Assembly or any People delegated body. The final decisions will represent the will of the overwhelming majority of the People – who will have input into the process and the power to approve the New Constitution and the birth of the Fifth Republic.*

* At the heart of the new pact with the people according to Chief Babalola and others, including Southern and Middle Belt groups, is Restructuring. It is an idea whose time frame is about to lapse, with the breakup of the nation inevitable in its absence. Once the Pandora of inevitable Civil War escapes, it is too late to restructure in the face of bloodshed and destruction of a war of brother against brother, father against son and mother against children. Have we not learned anything from the horrors of 1967 – 1970?*

* As Einstein once said, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time, is the purest definition of insanity”. Continuing with the 2023 election process represents this truism perhaps better than any other circumstance in modern history. Let us disembark from our collective voyage into a looming national crises and reset the rules of engagement. Chief Babalola’s wisdom and compassionate love for the People of Nigeria as the Midwife of the Birth of the Fifth Republic stands as a stark alternative to Buhari’s zombie leadership. To ignore Chief Babalola and NADECO’s stentorian call enables Buhari’s heartless and senseless shepherding of the People towards the Apocalyptic Spectre of Death and Destruction that continuing on the present pathway ensures for Nigeria.

May God bless and save Nigeria

Being a statement issued by the United States of America chapter of the National Democratic Coalition.

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