Apeal to President Buhari to consider the appointment of an Ekpeye person into the NDDC Board~ Emeni Ibe

His Excellency,

Mohammadu Buhari (GCFR)

President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces

Federal Republic of Nigeria

Presidential Villa

Aso Rock


Your Excellency,


Congratulations, Mr President for your six years in office. I am writing you as one of your admirer, supporter, a renowned opinion leader and an indigene/prince of Ekpeye Kingdom in Rivers State. I am also the convener/coordinator general, Buhari/Osinbajo Youth Support Movement (BOYSM), National President Southern Youth of Nigeria, Chairman Board of Trustees (BOT) the Coalition of Niger Delta Youth Leaders, pioneer President and Founder Orashi Youth Movement and President General of the Orashi National Congress. I am most humbly writing you in respect of the above subject matter, for your information and necessary intervention.

First and foremost, I sincerely commend your Excellency for your magnanimity in the appointments of some of our Rivers brothers and daughters in NDDC previously. Our people in Ekpeye are indeed very grateful and committed at all times to your able leadership of our great country Nigeria.

May I crave your Indulgence to use this opportunity to congratulate your Excellency on your well deserved achievements in your six (6) years in office.

Above all, I further wish to thank and congratulate you in the implementation of the UNEP report and Ogoni clean-up which was abandoned by successive administrations. Ogoni people now have confidence and abiding faith in your administration’s determination to restore their land to its natural form with clean and safe environment conducive for good living.

Ekpeye Kingdom  which covers the present  day Ahoada East and Ahoada West LGAs of Rivers State is the 3rd largest ethnic nationality in Rivers State and also the 3rd largest oil and gas producing ethnic nationality in Rivers State which host the presence of multi-national companies operating on Ekpeye land namely; Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) Total E&P Nig. Ltd, Agip (NAOC), Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG), Niger Delta Petroleum Resources (NDPR), ZBJ Nig. Ltd, H&H Nig. Ltd, Etc.

Ekpeye Kingdom is an oil and gas producing ethnic nationality with a production capacity of about 15% of the total oil production and gas revenue of Nigeria with several pipelines conveying. Crude oil and gas traversing Ekpeye land and supplying crude oil to Bonny terminal and Gas to Brass LGA in Bayelsa State for onward shipment. There are many flow stations and Nod junctions located on Ekpeye land were gas and oil are assembled before final movement to dispensing terminal for onward shipment.

Mr President Sir, since the creation of NDDC about twenty-one (21) years ago by the Obasanjo’s administration no Ekpeye person has been appointed into the NDDC. Consequently, the Ekpeye kingdom is the third largest ethnic group in rivers state and deserved to be considered for appointment in the board of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The following details hereunder are important and shall inundate your Excellency’s knowledge of how economically viable Ekpeye Kingdom is, o the survival of Nigeria.

From 1962 until date, all the multinational companies operating in the Niger Delta Region have their manifolds on Ekpeye soil, all pipelines crises crosses Ekpeye communities. Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) has a flow station in Ekpeye LGA from where it is transported to Bonny. All their gas production from Obite and Ubeta, are assembled at the ubeta Nod junction located at Ubeta community in Ekpeye kingdom of Ahoda West LGA from where it is conveyed to Bonny for shipment.

Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) has Oshi flow station located at Akara-Oiu community in Ekpeye communities, it has a manifold at Ogoda community in Ekpeye kingdom of Ahoda West LGA, from where all its crude oil production from Obio-bi community in Onelga of Rivers State and kwali in Delta State and Oshi field in Ekpeye kingdom are conveyed to Brass 111 Bayelsa State for shipment.

Niger Delta Petroleum Resources (N.D.P.R) is an indigenous oil and gas prospecting company located at Ogbele community in Ekpeye kingdom of Ahoda East LGA. Its gas and crude oil pipelines crises some crosses some Ekpeye communities and conveyed to Rumuekpe manifold in Emohua LGA of Rivers State from where it is conveyed to Bonny for shipment through SPDC’s terminal under a joint venture partnership.

From 1960 until date, no Ekpeye son or daughter has been given any federal appointment at the federal level. All the Ministers and Federal commissioners so far appointed at the federal level within the period under review, no Ekpeye person has been appointed.

All the Ambassadors so far appointed by the Federal Government within the period under review, no Ekpeye son or daughter have been appointed until date. All the chairmen of key Federal Govt. parastatals none has been appointed from Ekpeye kingdom, all the Managing Directors of Federal parastatals including Banks none was appointed from Ekpeye Kingdom, hence, I most passionately appeal to your Excellency Mr President for the consideration of our people for appointment into the board of NDDC as state Rep or executive director that may be assigned to Rivers State, Mr President Sir as our people are bend to shut down oil and gas exploration in our land if this request and prayer is not granted.

No Ekpeye son or daughter has been appointed into NDDC in any capacity, despite that we have qualified people, not even an SA to the Managing Director of the Commission since inception, this is ridiculous and unbelievable, considering the economic viability of Ekpeye kingdom to Nigeria’s economy and the overwhelming support giving to your government right from the 2015 to date.

No Federal presence of any sort in Ekpeye kingdom except the Immigration Training School. No Federal Tertiary Institution despite the fact that Ekpeye people are non- violent but peace loving in nature and do not participate in the various violent activities in Niger Delta Region nor during the turbulent Niger Delta Youths agitation for self determination. It is on record that Ekpeye people has always supported peace and one indivisible Nigerian State yet; we are neglected, marginalized and considered not qualified to be appointed to any position of trust in the Board of NDDC.

From the period highlighted above, no pipeline, manifold or any other oil installation located in Ekpeye land had been damaged or destroyed. This shows how peaceful we are as a people: indeed we are very grateful to the monarchs of Ekpeye kingdom who had always intervened and propagated peaceful co-existence and development while also admonishing the youths to refrain from acts of violence and rather seek peaceful means to draw Government attention to the plight of Ekpeye people.

Ekpeye ethnic nationality has reservations on the rumours/speculation that your Excellency is considering zoning the position of the Executive Director or state representative in the  NDDC Board to other Ethnic group of Rivers State, even when it is glaring that Ekpeye  Kingdom has been producing crude oil and gas  over the years without any incident of disruption/stoppage of production whereas oil exploration in other areas/land  had seized over 20 years ago without any production to boost the national economy until date.

Your Excellency, I wish to draw your attention to the foregoing facts enumerated above, so as not to set a wrong precedence in. rewarding communities that have not contributed to the economic development of the country especially at this critical period and situation of economic instability in our country when oil prices have suddenly dropped, forcing Government at all levels to adjust in its expenditure.

Mr President Sir, in line with the NDDC act, it clearly stated that persons to be appointed shall come from oil producing areas. Please sir you can cross check this facts.

In another similar development, we are reliably informed that the Rivers State representative in the board of the NDDC is also zoned to other Ethnic Nationality of the State despite the known fact that the most previous/recent appointments of Rivers State representatives at the NDDC were appointed from the other communities of our state.

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Your Excellency Sir, As a native of Ogbele community in Ahoada East Local Government area of Rivers State, a member of Ogbele Youth Development Association (OYDA), Upata Youth Council and Ekpeye Youth Congress respectively, I senior Comrade Prince Hon Emeni Ibe   make bold to say that we have qualified people in Ekpeye Kingdom in particular, who can occupy these positions more so that the previous positions were appointed and handled by indigenes of other Ethnic Nationalities extraction, as if such positions are exclusively their birth right without any consideration to our economic viability and contribution to the national wealth, which sustains Nigeria to carry on in the basic provision of infrastructural development and other social amenities to the people.

Your Excellency, I have absolute confidence and believe in your ability as an upright ruler, a detribalized Nigeria, who believes in equity, justice and fair play in the discharge of your duties, that our people yarning and  my most humblest appeal letter will be given the necessary attention and urgency it deserves, with a view of correcting the anomalies and ensuring  that justice is not only done but seen to have been done, in order for our people to have a sense of belonging and remain loyal and law abiding at all times, for the overall development of Nigeria.



Thank you Mr President.

Yours faithfully,


The Most Snr Comrade Emeni Ibe

 (World Peace Ambassador).

Tel: 08036689560

Compound of Late Chief N.O Ibe,

Ogbele Town,-

Ahoada East L.G.A,

Rivers State.

22nd June, 2021.


-His Excellency Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

(Vice-President Federal Republic of Nigeria),

– The Secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF)

-The Hon. Minister of Transportation of Nigeria

-The Hon. Minister of Niger Delta Affairs

– The National Security Adviser to the President

-The Sole Administrator Presidential Amnesty Programme/Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta.

-The Snr. Special Assistant to the President on Niger Delta

-The Executive Governor of Rivers State

-The Traditional Rulers of Ekpeye Kingdom

-The Director General SSS, Abuja.

-The President General, Uzugbani Ekpeye

-The President General, Ekpeye Youth Congress


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