I do not need to be an Eze Ekpeye to contribute to the development of Ekpeye~ Eze Otuwarikpo

The Paramount Ruler of Upata Kingdom in Ahoada East Local Government area of Ekpeye ethnic nationality in Rivers state HRM Nye Udu Felix Otuwarikpo PhD, FNIPR has said that he dosent need to become the Eze Ekpeye logbo before he can contribute his own quota to the growth and development of his people.

Nye Udu Otuwarikpo who doubles as the Regent to the Eze Ekpeye logbo in Council made the clarification on Saturday at the Usama Ekpeye USA 2021 virtual Convention.
Eze Otuwarikpo also declared that he has no intention or plans of contesting the Eze Ekpeye logbo stool.

“I do not have to be an Eze Ekpeye logbo to contribute to the development of my people.

“While serving as Eze Upata I can still contribute to the wellfare of Ekpeye people within my capacity.

“I am serving my people well with all blueprints being implemented”.

“The Upata People would not consent to my nursing another ambition of becoming an Eze Ekpeye logbo haven freely given me their mandate.

“The Upata stool is a first class stool, the most senior and first to attain a first class status in Ekpeye land and is a very influencial stool in Rivers State today.

“For the records I will not buy form talkless of contesting the Eze Ekpeye logbo stool. So for those fighting me and faning the embers of hate and discord should allow peace and unity to rain in Ekpeye again.

“As the Regent I already have my handover note, and am only updating it everytime. As soon as Ekpeye people concludes the processes of electing the next Eze Ekpeye logbo I shall willingly handover.

“Whoever comes in as Eze Ekpeye logbo I will support him” He noted.

The Regent who stressed the need for laid down processes and procedures of electing a new Eze Ekpeye logbo said; “Ekpeye does not have a constitution at the moment hence the controversies being experienced today. 
“At the 2021 Uzugbani Ekpeye Convention in Ahoada I have asked Uzugbani Ekpeye- the apex socio-cultural organization in Ekpeye land to put in place a constitutional framework for the Ekpeye nation, same will set the guidelines for the election of the next Eze Ekpeye logbo”, He noted.

He said the clarifications became necessary following the tension in the land ocassioned by the ambition and agitations of some desperate individuals who want to become the next Eze Ekpeye logbo, and same has led to new factions in the traditional council thereby deepening the crises and causing more disunity in Ekpeye.

Eze Felix Otuwarikpo said Ekpeye can only make progress when other kings in thier domain passionately work to uplift their people and not fanning the embers of hatred and disunity.

On Insecurity in Ekpeye land, Eze Otuwarikpo said no nation is crime free, Ekpeye is not an exception, but that Ekpeye is peaceful and investment friendly. He said recommendations on ways to tackle insecurity like setting up an Ekpeye internal security mechanism like the OSPAC to police her immidiate communities have been made to Uzugbani Ekpeye to enunciate and implement.

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The Regent also noted that In 2019 the Ekpeye traditional Council instituted a traditional amnesty deal and binding over that saw the disarmament and renunciation of over 400 cultists in Ekpeye who most of them have taken a new leave from crime, while some for lack of unity in fully rehablitating and reintegrating them back to society have unfortunately returned back to the bush engaging in oil bunkering and orher illicit businesses that has continue to jeopardize and destroy our farm lands and ecosystem in Ekpeye.

He however noted that the amnesty program was stalled as a result of court cases instituted by some traditional Rulers in Ekpeye but that plans are on the way to further deradicalize them and provide both psychological and social rehablitation and reintegration back to society.
He further called for a collaboration between Usama Ekpeye USA and the Chairmen of Ahoada East and West in tackling burning issues relating to Ekpeye’s advancement.

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